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    Hang when starting to Burn to Disk or Burn to Folder - PE4

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      I have a DVD that I am trying to burn with 3 main menu items and around 25 scene markers. I am using the Blue Notes theme.

      The original material was recorded in HDV. I am building a wide screen DVD (NTSC).

      I have tried Burn to Folder and Burn to Disk. It hangs either as soon as that screen comes up or after making a small amount of progress. I have to do End Task and say End now. I also found that several other process are running that have to be killed.

      If I remove all but the first movie (first menu marker), then it works. The first movie is about 28 minutes. The entire DVD is about 46 minutes.

      I have tried pre-rendering and also saving to AVI and reinserting it. Neither of these techniques work.

      I have a PC with Pentium D, 3 GB of memory, over 100GB of free space and running Windows XP.

      Do you have any suggestions?

      Could this be theme related?

      The content is from 4 original video captures. I have just inserted them multiple times with different in and out points.