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    Elements 6 video capture

      A teacher here at the school just purchased Adobe Premiere Elements 6 to use in here media class. She has a Dazzle dc90 that she had been using to capture video. However we can't get the dc90 to work with premiere and from what i can tell it won't ever work. So i was wondering what you all recommended to work with the Adobe Premiere.
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          You really need a device that captures to DV-AVI such as these devices:
          Canopus ADVC-55
          or the ADSTech Pyrolink

          Otherwise you could use a DV camcorder with analog pass-thru.
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            VideoJohnny Level 1
            I would like to meet your teacher some day. She can buy products which have not been release yet. The lates version of Premiere Elements available is version 4.
            Does it have nice features? :)
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              Level 1
              That was my fault. I thought she told me 6 but it's 4.
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                In order to capture video PE4 has to recognize an active digital video input. Now Dazzle converts analog signals to digital and APE4 should be able to see it. But Windows also has to recognize the Dazzle device. With version 3 I was able to capture a borrowed Dazzle A/D converter input on the analog signal from my VCR. APE3 also gave me the choice of my TV board or my Cannon camera. All had to be active for that to happen. I don't know the methodology I used but I believe the secret was in Windows Control Panel; not APE3. I surveyed all of the settings in APE4 for the choice of input but I couldn't fine the secret button.
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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                  The Dazzle DC90 is designed to interface with the program that comes bundled with it, Jeremy. It will not interface with Premiere Elements nor will the video files it captures work in Premiere Elements without a lot of potential for problems.

                  The equipment Paul recommends in the very first post is the best solution. These pieces will definitely work perfectly with Premiere Elements.