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    Audio mixer - suddenly volumes are not adjusted

      Hi. PE4. I used the audio mixer in a few project without hassles. In this specific project, I edited the volume levels using the audio mixer successfully. Now I want to make changes to the audio volume but suddenly the audio mixer does not update the audio volume at all. What can I do to get this sorted? Thanks.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          If you adjust the Audio Mixer as the video is playing, it will create audio keyframes, which show up as little dots on your audio tracks in Timeline mode. If you make too many or if you try to redo them, you just make more keyframe dots, and this may or may not create the effect you want.

          You can adjust those dots manually by simply clicking on them and dragging. You can even select and delete the unnecessary ones.
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            Level 1
            thanks for your feedback. It used to create those keyframes (dots) when it was still working, but it does not create the keyframes (dots) anymore. It does not create keyframes even on a new track on this project.
            I've just tested creating a new blank project and it does work successfully on the new project. Why would it suddenly stop working properly on a specific project?
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              You're trying to create keyframes on top of keyframes, Helen. If you manually adjust the points yourself instead of trying to do it with the Audio Mixer, you should be able to customize them any way you want.
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                I understand what Helen's saying - i have the same problem! sometimes my audio mixer *does not create keyframes* and there seems to be no reason why? i really need help with this because I have a video that I cannot adjust the narration volumes on. i've used three songs, when I lowered the volume on the first one keyframes were created, but on the 2nd and 3rd songs in the video soundtrack adjusting the volume does not create keyframes. HELP!
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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                  What happens if you manually create audio keyframes?
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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Bear with me on this, as I use P-Pro most of the time, so what I am about to type might not apply to PE.

                    On the Audio Track, one needs to set the view to display Track Keyframes. From the Audio Mixer, when hitting the Spacebar (Play) and adjusting the Pot for that Track's Audio, Keyframes are added. In Pro's Audio Mixer, these Keyframes (Track Keyframes, not Clip Keyframes) are only added, when I change the Send to Touch or Write. PE's Audio Mixer does not seem to have Sends. It also appears that the Audio Mixer needs to stay open, though you can make it small and tuck it away. My test of it indicated that when you Close it, the Keyframes disappear. (Can someone correct me here?) I would *guess* that if one did a Save, or Save_As at this point, the Audio Track Keyframes would be Saved. This last step is not necessary for me in Pro, as the Audio Mixer is always open and is just tabbed to another Panel, so it's never in my way. I will experiment with Pro and see what happens if I close the Audio Mixer. It might work the same as in PE, but I have not tried that, since I never close mine.

                    One additional note: in Pro, you can set the Keyframe interval for Track Keyframes. I'd guess that you can in PE too - probably from the Preferences Menu. Potting with the Audio Mixer can generate a lot of Keyframes, depending on the interval set. These can be moved around, just like Clip Keyframes, but you'll want to zoom in on that Track to see what you're doing - both horizontal and vertical zoom.


                    [Edit] In Pro, when you close the Audio Mixer, the Track Keyframes remain.