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    Red flicker on top of clip in playback

      My video all plays back beautifully except for one spot where I get a red flicker on top of the clip in playback. I noticed that the bar at the very top of the timeline (green - also red) is red at the faulty spot. What does that green (red) line at the top indicate?

      Any ideas how I can get rid of the flicker? Note: I have a photo layered (opaque) over a video clip in this spot.

      thanks much
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          I'm not sure if the red line on the timeline (which indicates a need to render the clip) is related to your red flicker, but you can try rendering (press Enter) to see if that makes a difference.

          If not, you'll need to try to figure out what the cause is for this spot. Is there something on another video track? Is there something unusual about the footage? Where did it come from?

          That photo layered over your clip is a good place to start. You say you have opacity set -- but how much opacity and what part of the picture is showing?