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    Help, creating a music video, please.


      Im seeking advice on how to proceed with my video project, please. (I am a neophyte with Adobe Elements, but quite versed in computers & audio multi-tracking.)

      Id like to create what Id call (for lack of a better term) a music video.

      I have already created the audio track that I will be using for my project. The audio track was created in Cakewalks Sonar and is a composite of several audio overlays & mixed to a wav file.

      I have now created multiple video recordings of myself playing various instruments along with my audio recording, using one instrument at a time.

      What I am doing now is importing these various video recordings from my Sony Camcorder into Adobe Premier Elements.

      Ive started by importing the master audio track into Elements, and then am able to sync up the various video tracks to the master audio. (Ill be throwing away any audio that was captured by the video camera ..)

      Heres where I need help.

      Ive started by importing the various video tracks into multiple video tracks in Elements.

      But, it is difficult to edit the various video tracks, cut, cross-fade, copy, PIP, etc. and keep control of the tracks.

      For instance, when multiple tracks exist in parallel, which one takes priority and which ones disappear behind the foreground video?

      Or am I doing this all wrong?

      Is there a good way to do this or a thread about this or a tutorial?

      Thanks greatly!

      --Tom Nickel
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          The top track is the one you see.

          In order to see the lower tracks, you'll need to slice (the scissors icon on the Monitor) to isolate portions of the upper tracks and then right-click on each segment and select Clear (not Delete) to remove each segment.

          Rather than doing it that way, it may be easier to just create a single track of video using bits and pieces of all of your video clips, synching as best you can.