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    Canopus 110 and the dreaded "Cannot connect to device"  msg

      I am using Premiere Elements 2.0 with the Canopus 110 to make copies of my HI-8 and Beta tapes, and getting increasingly frustrated with the way PE 2 drops my temporary file and forces me to start the whole copy over again from the beginning every time I get the "Cannot connect to device" error. It occurred to me that maybe later versions of PE have fixed this problem. It seems simple enough -- when I press 'Stop Capture' the temporary file instantly becomes permanent, so why not when I get a momentary interruption in the signal? It would be worth $100 to me to upgrade to PE 6 or 7 or whatever the latest version is.

      So, my question is directed toward others who are plagued by this irritating message: Do the later versions of PE 'save' what has already been recorded?