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    Crashing after capture attempt

      I just purchased Premiere Elements 4 for my Dell Latitude D610(Windows XP Professional 2002, 1.99 GB of RAM).

      I'm not sure what my Video Card is (this is where I may seem computer illiterate). I am connecting from my portable DVD player into a Canopus box which then goes DV out (IEEE cable)into the side of the computer via a card (Pinnacle Systems).

      When I attempt to capture, the program will either immediately shut off (no error message) or it will freeze and not allow me to capture (and then shut down).

      I used it yesterday and this morning just fine this way. I don't have any other programs open when I use it.

      I am able to use the program when the capture device is not connected.

      Hopefully I've provided enough information. Thanks for your help.