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    All projects gone

      Opened PE2 today and found all recent projects was blank now cannot seem to find them anywhere .Wat would have caused this and any Ideas where they might have gone
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          rawatts Level 1
          Have you added any hardware that would have changed the drive letter where they were stored?
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            Do a search on your drives for *.prel
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              Nonothing added or changed and nothing shows on the search
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                rawatts Level 1
                Anyone else use your computer? I forget if a search looks in recycle bin. If you haven't checked there that could be a hiding place.
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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Let's step back a moment. How is your computer configured, regarding the hard drive(s)? Where
                  i were
                  the files originally?

                  Along the lines of where B Watts is going
                  b DO NOT
                  empty the Recycle Bin. A full search should look in the Recycle Bin, but do not do anything with it yet.

                  Because PE will set up Projects at the direction of the user, they could be almost anywhere. It will depend on where you told PE to place them.

                  Now, let's do one more seach. Below the search criteria box, there are some more options. Choose to search for Hidden and System files, as well. I cannot remember if the Recycle Bin is included without those two check boxes active. Search again for "*.prel," without the [" marks]. Start this search from My Computer, so that all hard drives are included. Cross your fingers.

                  Another question, and a followup to B Watts' question. How are you logged on? Are there other accounts on this computer, Admin, etc.?

                  PE cannot passively delete its files. Something else has to have done it. This could be some sort of scan, that mistook the .prel files for a threat, or user action. Have you been doing a lot of housecleaning of your computer lately?

                  Let us know about the new search and whether any others ever use this computer, plus the name and number of other accounts.

                  Remember, do not empty the Recycle Bin, until you have found your missing files.

                  Good luck,

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                    Thanks but no one else has used the pc and I checked the recycle bin first.there are noother accounts .The files show in hidden files but on opening I get the Where is blah blah .Now I have bever bothered with that I just open projects and go from there .To my knowledge any scans done are no different to previous ones.The only recent problem with Pe it has been a pain in the butt for failing toburn to folder comimgupwoth compi;ing files invalid path .Again I've done nowt to cause that