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    Need help w/PE3 start up error which shuts down program

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      I'm running Vista 32 SP1 and have been using PE3 wo/problems for some time. However, I had PE3 open in my user account while I was doing some maintenance in the admin account and I crashed the system and had to reboot.

      Now, when I open PE3 in the USER acct. I get the message "It appears the PE closed unexpectedly..." then gives me the opening screen with the list of recently opened files to select from. Regardless of what file I select to open, whether it is in that list or I go to an old file not on the list after the file is opened the message appears "Sorry a serious error has occurred that requires PE to shut down..." Thus I'm unable to run PE3 in the user acct. I have rerun the program a number of times hoping that the error message would clear out but no luck.

      However, if I go to the ADMIN acct and launch PE3, the program loads wo/problem, no start up warning message. And when I open any of my files they load wo/problem, no "serious error" message and I'm able to do my editing and save wo/problem.

      I need help in overcoming the "serious error" prompt that stops me from using the program in the user acct.

      Any advice will be greatly appreciated.