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    Burn to DVD folder - too big to burn to DVD - Options please?

      I burned a large project to a DVD folder as PAL. I was able to burn that folder (VIDEO_TS) to a DVD using Nero without a problem.

      I then needed an NTSC version. I burned the same project to a folder as NTSC. I don't remember seeing any warning messages.

      When I tried burning the NTSC folder to a DVD with Nero, Nero complained it was too big to fit on the DVD. I imagine the over-sized burn is because of the higher frame rate of NTSC (30 vs 25).

      Question is: What are my options? I prefer not to use dual layer DVD's, and I prefer to burn to folder out of PE4 then use Nero or other to burn the actual DVD. I also don't want to cut out any of my source clips.

      I should say that I'm not overly concerned about final quality, so if I can simply use a lower bitrate or whatever, where is the best place to set that?

      (Edit) - Note that I had the check box checked that says "Fit Contents to Available Space", and it suggested 4.38Gb required. Did this not work because it is perhaps impossible for PE4 to forcast the exact requirement??

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          Did you set the project up as PAL? If so I'm not sure you can just burn it as NTSC.
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            rawatts Level 1
            I am not sure why that happened but you should be able to uncheck the box "Fit Contents into the available space" and move the slider under the box toward "Most Video" and that should work.

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              What I do is burn it to folder chosing dual layer then use dvd shrink to fit it does a better compression job I think.
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                A.T. Romano Level 7
                Dave JM,

                If you took your project on the Timeline, sent it to Share, Disk and were in the DVD Burn area with the Burn to = Folder (4.7)....

                1. You did change the preset from DV PAL to DV NTSC?
                2. After you did that, you did have checked "Fit Contents To Available Space" and then said that it said 4.3 GB space required. Equally important, what was the Bitrate after it said 4.3 GB space required? I would like to know just how much lower it was than the High value 8.
                3. You say that you did not get any warning, such as one related to Data Rate??

                Also, when you made the Presets switch from DV PAL to DV NTSC, did you see any change in the Space Required and/or Bitrate that was shown in the Burn Area?

                If you did not, might it not be reasonable to look into the Nero Burn Video Files route more closely? I am just speculating that Nero Burn Video Files route might have different space required criteria?????

                It is not clear to me why you would get the job done using PAL and not NTSC? I might suggest that you look at the PAL/NTSC bitrate comparison in Premiere Elements and, if indicated, lower the NTSC bitrate to reduce the space required to one that works for Nero. The Quality is going to suffer. By lower, I mean the smallest possible changes to reach the goal.

                I know that you do not want to, but have you tried the Burn to Disc route for this NTSC project, just to see if it would work at all?