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    PE3 won't open

      I'm new to the forum, so please bear with me.

      I have been working a fairly complex wedding project for some time, it is nearly complete, but I am now unable to open PE3. I was doing some editing at the very end of this project when the program began acting strangely. It would not show a couple titles I had recently inserted, and seemed to be showing a "negative" image of one of my jpeg images (640x480). I did get a "memory low" warning around this time, but it continued to work.
      The program then shut down, and numerous attempts to restart have been fruitless.

      The initial PE3 screen comes up, it begins loading and then just stops. I've rebooted several times with no luck.

      I am running Vista 32-bit on an HP MC m7760n, 4GB RAM, dual core. I am also using a separate 500GB hard drive for my media storage.

      Any suggestions?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          First, make sure you installed the Vista update to version 3.

          And make sure Vista is optimized for video editing -- particularly if you are using a laptop.

          I see you've reduced your photo sizes. That's very important, as having a number of photos larger than 1000x750 pixels can choke this program.

          You also say are you using a second hard drive for your video, photo and project files. That's wise -- but make sure that this drive is formatted NTFS and not FAT32 (as most drives are when they come from the factory). FAT32 drives have a file size limit that could cause the symptoms you're describing. (You can tell by opening Computer, right-clicking on the drive and selecting Properties.)

          Fortunately, converting a drive format is easy, and you won't lose any data on the drive doing it. There are instructions for doing this all over the internet, including on the Microsoft site.
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            Level 1
            Thanks for the quick response, Steve. I tried some of these suggestions, but nothing has worked yet. My external drive is definitely NTFS. If I re-install the program, will I lose any data?
            Do I need to uninstall the original version first, or can I install and "repair" over the existing version?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              Uninstall the program then reinstall.

              It won't affect any work you have in progress.
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                Paul_LS Level 4
                Can you open an Auto Save version from a previous time?

                If you can get your project open save it as two copies. Then split the timeline in half for each project, 1st half and 2nd half. In this way you can work on the project in smaller pieces. When both pieces are finished export each as a DV-AVI and bring them together in a master project before your final export/burn.

                When projects are complex or long they are more prone to errors and crashes. A memory low warning is typical of a project that is getting too large.
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                  I don't know if Minmazz got his/her problem solved, but now I, too, am unable to get PE3 to run. It has in the past, as I started a b-day project for my daughter a couple of months ago. Now, though, for some reason, I get the splash screen for 2-3 seconds, then nothing. Watching the Windows Task Manager, I see PE3 pop up on the list for those few seconds with some CPU activity, then it's gone from that list when the splash screen disappears.

                  I've seen the link to the licensing patch, which I've tried, to no avail. I have also now uninstalled and reinstalled. My other Adobe apps seem to work as usual, including PSE3. I'm sure that my system has installed a number of updates since the last time I ran PE3, so it would be impossible to know whether any Vista updates caused the problem.

                  I will probably upgrade to PE7 in the near future, but I have a photo slideshow project I need to work on now. So, any other suggestions would certainly be welcome.