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    Merging two seperate projects

      Elements V3 Windows XP

      I am putting together a DVD of a recent scuba diving trip and have run into a problem. For various reasons I had to edit the above water and underwater video seperately. I then intended to simply combine the two projects into one and burn it to disc. However it has turned out to be not so simple. I thought I would simply be able to import one project into the other but it seems there is no facility to do this (or not that I can find). So I tried 'burning' the project to a file on the HDD and then importing this video file into the other project. This works, but the quality of the imported video is awful, even on a computer screen it looks bad so I hate to think what it would look like when I burn it to disc and see it on a large screen TV. I also tried burning the project to a DVD and re-importing it into the other project but this gives the same poor quality result. The quality issue seems to be one of horizontal lines through the footage which gives the edges of objects a 'pixelated' appearance. The underwater video footage is from a Canon digital stills camera (the quality of the original footage is fine - it is surprising how good the video is from this camera)

      I am hoping that someone can suggest another way of doing it. I have spent hours on this project and just want the finished footage to be as good quality as the original footage I shot.

      Thanks, Dave