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    How can I create a collage of multiple photos on one slide using Premiere Elements 4.0?

      Hi all!

      I recently bought Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0. I'm having trouble with something and was wondering if anyone could offer any assistance?

      I'm creating a slideshow using photos and videos, but with my photos I want to be able to create a few collages, by using multiple photos on the one slide. Usually you just have one photo on the screen and it moves on to the next one, but I'd like to have eg. the occassional slide that I can have say 4 photos overlapping onto each other, like a photo collage. Does this make sense and does anyone know how I can do this? I've searched the instructions and can't figure it out and the Adobe support line said they couldn't tell me but pointed me to this forum...

      Any help would be much appreciated!
      Thanks :)