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    PE3 restarts the system with blue screen

      I can't find the solution anywhere. I bought PE3 and I have a notebook matching all requirements (Windows XP HE). When I start the software after few seconds (15-45) strange blue screen (not the regular Windows XP one) appears and the system restarts.

      Sorry for my English :)

      Please help me

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          What is the message on this blue screen?

          Usually, a system re-boot is a sign of one, or more of these:
          1.) overheating CPU (possibly rule this out, as you have just started the machine and not been rendering/burning)
          2.) power supply going bad
          3.) RAM going bad
          4.) MoBo going bad

          Does this ever happen with any other programs?

          Tell us about the I/O system on your computer. I'm guessing one physical HDD. Is it partitioned? What size, free space, speed and how is it connected, SATA, EIDE, ATA?

          Last, tell us about your Virtual Memory/Page File setup.

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            I'm working on Aristo slim200 with Windows XP HE with SP3, Core Duo T2300 1,66 Ghz, 2GB RAM, Intel Media Ac. 950 (945 chipset). I have one ATA HDD 5400 rpm (160GB) partitioned on two drives (55+100). Free space on my C drive is about 15GB, and on D drive - 60 GB. But I had the same symphtoms with my PE3 when I had 1GB RAM and 60GB HDD (ATA, also 2 drives). That's why I upgraded my notebook - i thought that it doesn't match the PE3 requirements.
            Virtual memory (I don't know if I'm geting it right sais, that the start size is 2046 and the max size is 4096

            It doesn't happend with any other software.

            the blue screen is very strange, unfortunately it is in Polish. Among others it sais "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL". At the beginning of the message it sais that a critical error apeared and the system must restart to prevent the computer failure.
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              Paul_LS Level 4
              Try updating your audio drivers, this is often a cause of crashing with a blue screen during start up. However I suspect this may not be the cause. Use the following links if possible (not from the computer manufacturers website as they are often not up to date):