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    Using Sony High Definition Camcorder with Premiere Elements

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      My computer is a HP Pavilion Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 CPU, 6300@1.86 GHZ, 1.59 GHz, 1.99GB of Ram. It is used solely for music(SONAR and Band in a Box) and photo/video(Adobe Premiere) software and never used online. My computer says that in my C drive I have 159GB of free space, total 224GB. In my D drive I have 376MB free space, total 8.63GB.

      I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0, plus Adobe Premiere Elements for Windows XP. (Old versions, I know)

      Up until now I've transfered and edited what I've filmed and created productions with no problem what-so-ever in Adobe Premiere Elements using my Panasonic MiniDV camcorder. I now have the Sony HD (high definition)Handycam HDR SR11 and it's much more complicated to get my recorded images transfered to my Adobe software.

      I can't figure out how to capture from the camcorder directly into Adobe Premiere Elements? I'm having to transfer it to my computer hard drive first and then add the media to Adobe Premiere. I have to record in SD (standard definition) to even do that.

      Also, I can't figure out why the images once tranfered into Adobe Premiere Elements, are playing back misshaped (subjects are either elongated or short and chunky)?

      Am I doing something wrong?

      Doesn't my version of Adobe Premiere Elements work with this particular camcorder?

      Is it just a matter of upgrading to a newer Premiere for high definition/standard definition camcorders to work? If so, which one?

      Thanks for any help!