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    Slideshows not clear

      When I create a slideshow from jpgs in Photoshop 6, and I want to include it in a DVD with other movie clips, I have to send it to Elements as a .wmv file. Problem is that it is not sharp in the finished product or when burning as a straight video cd. Any suggestions? Am I missing something?
      How do you incorporate a slideshow with the clarity and sharpness of the original jpg file in a DVD-e.g. a birthday party-slides and movies.

      I can do all the menus and titles, etc. but the slides come out hazy when transferred to elements.
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          Barb__O Level 4

          A wmv format file is highly compressed so that is most probably causing at least some of your problem.

          If you are running Premiere Elements 4, instead of sending a WMV file, do the Send to Premiere Elements as the Output command in the Photoshop Elements slide show editor. It will add the slideshow to the end of a currently open Premiere Elements project. (I think that it always adds at the end of the project.)

          1- If you are running PSE 6 and PRE 3 (and do not have PRE 4 installed), the Send Slideshow may also work.
          2- Your PC monitor resolution is much higher than the resolution of standard DVDs so you probably can not get the total excellence of display that you see on your computer monitor. However, my tests originally done on PSE5 and PRE3 gave significantly clearer results for the Send to Premiere Elements command of the slide show than using a PSE slide show WMV file.
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            VideoJohnny Level 1

            I agree with Barbara.
            I am not clear on what you mean by finished product. Do you mean the final DVD, or what you see in the Premiere Elements projext. If your photos are not clear in the Premiere Elements project, just render the timeline by pressing the enter key.
            You will not be able to get the exact same resolutuion because the DVD resolution for standard play is 720x480. However, I have had quite decent results on my final DVD.
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              Barb__O Level 4

              An additional comment is that if you downsize the resolution of your photos BEFORE you place them in the Photoshop Elements slide show, that also may give you better quality on your burned standard definition DVD played on your TV.

              Look at this FAQ, originally written for v1 but still relevant
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                A.T. Romano Level 7
                Allen Fishman,
                I am not sure if I misunderstood the note previously posted, but, just in case I did not........
                Only if you have the specific combinations of Photoshop Elements 6/Premiere 4 or Photoshop Elements 5/Premiere Elements 3 will you have the Output "Send to Premiere Elements" available in Photoshop Elements.
                The combinations of Photoshop Elements 6/Premiere Elements 3 or Photoshop Elements 5/Premiere Elements 4 just won't have it.

                If you get a chance browse through the FAQs, especially those related to comparison between computer and TV viewing. The FAQ already pointed out in a previous response is excellent. I have not run into problems with the .wmv route; some have. Both .wmv and non-wmv give me good results. I would be interested in your results from your comparison of PSE6/PE4 or PSE5/PE3 wmv vs non wmv slideshow workflow (assumed aimed at standard DVD-VIDEO).
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                  Barb__O Level 4
                  A. T.

                  I talked to someone who said he did do a Send Slideshow from Photshop Elements 6 to Premiere Elements 3. (and I think itwas the slide show rather than the wmv) So thar may be worth trying for anyone who has PRE 3 and not PRE 4.
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                    A.T. Romano Level 7
                    Take a look at the Photoshop Elements 6 Read Me Adobe TechNote, under the Upgrade section


                    It specifically says that you lose the "Send to Premiere Elements" Output choice in Photoshop Elements if:
                    You use Premiere Elements 4 with a version of Photoshop Elements lower than the 6 version. I will look around for documentation more specific to the wording of what you suggested, namely Photoshop Elements 6/Premiere Elements 3 integration.

                    I have Photoshop Elements 6 and 3 and Premiere Elements 2 and 4, so I cannot check it out. Any chance of verifying your source to confirm that he/she is not referring to the Send to Premiere Elements command in the File Menu of the Photoshop Elements Organizer and is referring to the Send to Premiere Elements Output option under Outputs?
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                      A.T. Romano Level 7
                      RE: Photoshop Elements 6/Premiere Elements 3, Send to Premiere Elements Output......

                      Check out Steve Grisetti's comment in this very recent topic:

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                        this is doing my head in can u help!
                        the slideshows burnt to cd(on elements) are very pixilated on tv, so i purchased premiere elements 2.0(as it was cheaper n i only need it for this purpose)as apparently its better quality using dvd,im using elements 6 to edit so when i click on send to my finished s/show to premier elements im getting a box up saying-"add media failure file format not supported,one of the neccessary components may not have been installed"-.im really stuck as it also wont let me drag from elements to prem as in instruction book!all im trying to do is get my slideshows onto dvd instead of cd for better quality!help im goin insane!!
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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                          Have you sized your photos to no larger than 1000x750 pixels, per our FAQs, AT?

                          Among the many possibilities, the most common problem with slideshows is that the photos used are directly from a digital camera and are as much as 25 times the size they need to be.

                          If that's the case, the program may choke -- and, if you have less than the many gigabytes of free space needed, it may fail completely, as you're experiencing.
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                            Barb__O Level 4
                            a t carter,
                            >so i purchased premiere elements 2.0(as it was cheaper n i only need it for this purpose)

                            The function of sending a Slideshow from Photoshop Elements to Premiere Elements first appeared in Premiere Elements 3. So when using version 2 you do not have the choice which would give you the best quality possible from the Adobe Elements products.

                            However, what you might have available is perhaps
                            - a
                            b Burn to DVD
                            choice from the Photoshop Elements slide show editor Output command.

                            Or if PSE 6 will not give you a Burn to DVD choice when only Premiere Elements version 2 is installed then from the PSE 6 slide show editor do a
                            b Save as a WMV file
                            with the size parameter choice of DVD-NTSC or DVD-PAL according to what your TV is. (USA is NTSC)

                            My experience is that the quality increases from
                            1-- Photoshop Elements writing a Video CD disc
                            2a-- Photoshop Elements slide show output of Burn to DVD - OR -
                            2b-- write the WMV file from PSE and import it to Premiere Elements
                            3-- Photoshop Elements sending the Slideshow directly to Premiere Elements and then optionally doing more editing in Premiere Elements or just making the video DVD in Premiere Elements (this choice not available with PRE 2)

                            Observations are
                            -- the quality improvement from 1 above to 2 above is probably the greatest
                            -- the quality improvement from 2 to 3 may be less, but it does definitely exist and may be more noticeable when playing on a larger screen or higher definition TV
                            -- there is one other variation of 2b that MIGHT give an incremental improvement. It is to write the WMV file from the PSE slide show editor, then add a step of converting that WMV file to DV-AVI using Windows Movie Maker and import the DV-AVI file to Premiere Elements. However, if 2a (Burn to DVD) is available to you, it will be simpler to do as a first test and evaluate its quality.

                            This was a long answer. My short suggestion is to use the Premiere Elements 2 that you now have and try the Photoshop Elements slide show editor Burn to DVD or the write to a WMV file (using DVD-NTSC or PAL). then observe the results on your TV.