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    To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade?

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      Like many on this forum I'm a bit dissapointed with the new release of FireWorks. Since I often am in the need of exporting my files as .PSD documents (why developers want that still beats me.... but that's another rant) I was very happy to see the new PS text engine in FW CS4! If anything the exporting problems I had in CS3 (mainly with texts) would be over, right?

      I downloaded the Beta, and after that downloaded the trial version as soon as it came out. All with the intention to buy the new FireWorks CS4..After using it for some days I experienced many of the same "bugs" or hick-ups as have been described on this forum. I was aware of some unstabilities in the Beta, but well that was a Beta-version. I am surprised to see some bugs returning in the commercial version:

      - Frequent crashes (especially happening when working with type, but not limited to that)
      - Texts that "jumps out" of the blue border, and i'm not talking about a few pixels.. but often the texts appear somewhere down on the page while the blue box is still up there...
      - Saving to PSD... often works but with more complex files it either takes a long time or it freezes the machine (with complex files I mean a original (large with many layers) PSD file opened in CS4 and edited then saved back as a PSD
      - Txts dont look as they look in a webbrowser (the same problem is mentioned earlier here)
      - Overall it feels as a premature and unstable release, i use the word "feel" because I can't really put my finger on it (yes: I know that not being that specific makes QA-testers frustrated)

      I will try to make a list of bugs and crashes I encounter, but to be quite frank: I'm using Fireworks on a professional base and when it crashes it usually means at least 30 to 45 min (but often more) of lost time... filling in a crash form is than the least of my worries. And as someone else pointed out on the web... If I buy a program I dont expect to take a side-job as a QA-tester..

      So did Adobe released an 'unfinshed' and 'unstable' release as many claim in this forum (and elsewhere on the web)? Is it just me (us) ?
      Or could it be the other causes could be the problem (OS, old versions, fonts, etc)?

      But before pointing (screaming, throwing rotten tomatoes etc.) to Adobe I first want to make sure I did everything possible to set up the new package in the right way (i'm also reading a lot about distorted preference panes and corrupt font folder etc.)

      On my current machine (macbook pro 2.33 2GB) I had installed FW CS2, FWCS3, the FWCS4 beta and now the trial version. I haven't uninstalled CS3 as of yet.

      Do you have any tips, work arounds, on how to give FW CS4 the "freshest" installation ? Folders that need deleted, cleaned or rebooted..., Font;s that need to be deleted etc.?

      So what do you think? Take the jump and buy CS4 and upgrade from CS3 or let the first storm pass by and wait for a better release?
      Like many of you I'm using fireworks as a professional design tool. So an unstable version of Fireworks basically means losing money....
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          "Martijnhinfelaar" <webforumsuser@macromedia.com> wrote in message
          > On my current machine (macbook pro 2.33 2GB) I had installed FW CS2,
          > FWCS3,
          > the FWCS4 beta and now the trial version. I haven't uninstalled CS3 as of
          > yet.

          Really? I never knew FW CS2 existed....

          Personally, I've love to have Design Premium, but I just shelled out $600
          for that suite in CS3 about 8-9 months ago. Not really ready to do so
          again... besides, if I understand correctly, only Photoshop is 64 bit. I
          want to upgrade when the whole suite is ready, and about then I'll be ready
          to jump to a new computing environment.
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