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    Blurry Still Images - Prem 4

      Hi everyone,
      My images imported into Prem 4 are blurry and distorted. I have searched and tried the suggestions from previous users for many days but my imported still images are still blurry. For this project I am primarily trying to use "print screen" photos. I am new to prem 4 so any other suggestions would be helpful.

      I have rendered.
      Changed the pixels. (Used various pixel settings)
      I tried all the options under "interpret footage"

      Thank you
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          PeterFDuke Level 1
          What do you mean by distorted? Also are your expectations too high? video is only 720x480 or 720x576 pixels. If you compare high res photos on a computer screen with the video of course it won't look so good.
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            A.T. Romano Level 7
            Erica S

            Just more questions to go along with Peter Duke's questions.

            In Premiere Elements 4, what project preset are you using DV NTSC Standard or Widescreen or DV PAL Standard or Widescreen or other?
            How are you getting your images into Premiere Elements 4?

            You say that you are using "Print Screen" photos. By that do you mean:
            1. you are copying online images via the keyboard "Print Screen" key? If so, where are you pasting them to and how are you saving them and in what format, jpeg?

            Depending on the workflow that you are using, has deinterlacing entered in the "Print Screen" photo prep?

            Also, let us know if under Edit/Preferences/General you have "Default to scale to frame size" checked or unchecked.
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              Level 1
              Thank you both for your response. I am very new to this so thank you.

              What I mean by distorted is that they are blurry or fuzzy. Not clear and of poor quality. I might have high expectations, I might be doing something wrong or both. I have used windows media maker in the past and most photos looked great. Are there any photos that will look decent in prem 4? I guess it sounds like i should not expect perfect.

              As far as I can tell, I am using DV NTSC standard.

              I am getting my images from File > Get Media From> Files and folders. In those folders that I have tested are ones that were uploaded from my camera (with changed pixels and without),pics edited in photoshop 6, as well as in Paint. All blurry when uploaded some worse than others.

              What I mean by "print screen" photos is copying my personal websites page and using it as a photo. I have saved those as jpeg and tiff. With various pixel sizes.

              Sorry I dont know what deinterlacing means so I dont know if it has entered in the photo prep. However, tested a regular undedited photo from my camera and it is also very blurry.

              "Default to scale to frame size" is checked. I tried unchecking it but it still looks same or worse.

              Thanks again for your help and comments. I will keep trying.
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                PeterFDuke Level 1
                Have you tried viewing a finished test project outside PE? If you are making a DVD, burn to a rewritable DVD and look at it on your TV.
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                  A.T. Romano Level 7
                  Peter Duke's suggestion of viewing the finished project is a good idea.

                  Depending on the results, you may want to try that with one of the sample files that comes with Premiere Elements 4. If that works, then do the same thing, but with the images that you are calling blurry or fuzzy.

                  You can find the Sample Files folder in the Programs Files/Adobe/Premiere Elements 4.

                  I also am not clear on whether you have your project set to DV NTSC Standard, but have not actually Burn to Disc yet using that preset.
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                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                    In addition to the above suggestions, I'd burn a DVD RW (rewritable) and view it on your TV set.

                    It is very likely that it is the DVD Project settings, that are causing your problems. When viewed on a large, high-rez computer monitor, DVD material can look pretty bleak. If your delivery is FOR computer, then you may get other suggestions for that.

                    Also, I am a strong believer in using Photoshop to do all sizing, prior to Import into Premiere (Pro, or Elements). The algorithms in PS are some of the better ones. It takes some specialized apps. to better those. I also do not believe in letting Premiere do any scaling, that I could handle in PS. Also, one should size to what they will be actually using, prior to Import. If you are doing pans and zooms, you'll need some additional image area. If not, then size to your Project sizes.

                    I looked back at this thread, but did not see what your delivery scheme is: TV or computer and via DVD or other.

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                      Level 1
                      Thank you for your help, it is appreciated. Exporting and viewing the finished project seemed to have worked. Although they are still blurry when viewing in premiere, they have a better quality when I exported them. Not perfect, but definitely better and presentable. I am using this project for online purposes, not tv or dvd so this was only tested viewing it on my computer.

                      All images were edited with Photoshop. Also, not sure what I did or what settings I used in photoshop, but I imported a jpeg image sent to me from a friend into premiere after editing, and it looked clear and perfect. I havent tried any other photos yet, besides a high resolution one from my Canon. That one was blurry when used in premiere. So anyway, it is possible to get a clear "better quality" looking image in a project. However, I have no clue what I did! I will have to test that in my next project.

                      Thank again
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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        For the ultimate in still image handling, I'd suggest getting as close to the source, as you can, and keeping as much compression out of the equation. If the image was shot in RAW, I'd get the RAW file, run it through ARC (Adobe Raw Converter) and Save_As PSD. Then, when sizing and manipulating that, I'd stick with PSD (or TIFF), if at all possible.

                        If the image was JPG to begin with, it has been compressed by the camera already. From that, I'd Open in PS, do all of my work and Save_As PSD (or TIFF).

                        If you start with a JPG and then Save_As JPG, you will have compressed this image twice already.

                        Now, I personally feel that Photoshop's re-sizing algorithms are better than those in Premiere. I've had some argument, but based on high-rez images, I can see a difference. My detractors claim that they cannot and nor can the general viewing audience. Still, I do all of my image manipulation in PS, if at all possible. Besides, who wants to slow Premiere down doing what I can do in an instant (and batch) in PS?

                        I want to feed Premiere the best that I can, and in a form/size that it will not have to do much additional work.

                        Remember, if someone chimes in and says that PE cannot handle PSD or TIFF, believe them. I use Premiere Pro and Photoshop CS2, so I'm listing my workflow. I am making the assumption that PE can also work with those formats - I *think* that it can.

                        Now, stepping back to the re-sizing algorithms for a moment. Depending on your subject matter, you might wish to do a visual test of the re-sizing: Bicubic Sharper, Bicubic Smoother, etc. The end results in video might be improved by choosing one, versus the others. This WILL depend on your subject matter. Also, remember that video is different than a static still image. For instance, it is often better to do a horizontal Blur of a few % on Titles, or images with horizontal, diagonal or vertical fine lines (text usually has these), to keep the "flicker" of the edges down. The slight horizontal Blur does soften the image, but it usually looks better on video. Watch out for over-sharpening your images, when going to video. Often, softer looks better, especially with bright fine lines.

                        For Web delivery, I'd do a test Export to the desired format and CODEC and do my visual analysis on the computer, pretty much as you are doing.

                        Where I was going with asking about the delivery is that if one is going to TV via DVD, that is how/where they should test, as a computer monitor is usually much higher-rez and will look totally different. You're going from, and back to, computer, so you're close already.

                        Let us know how it goes. Getting still image quality into any video can be tough. Also, there are a lot of variables, that come into play. Remember, video is 1/2 image and the other 1/2 perception in the eye/mind.

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                          I too am having trouble with blurry images. I have a Nikon D40 that takes beautiful sharp photos, 3008 x 2000 pixels. I have added these images (untouched) to a Premiere Elements 3.0 project. When I view my project in an exported mpg file, the images are very fuzzy/blurry. If I preview the project in the Elements application, the images are fuzzy/blurry. If I view the project in the application without running it (still in other words), the images are clear. When I click the Play button and preview the project, the still images seem to come to life in a big fuzz and looks terrible on the finished product.

                          I am not totally new to Elements, I have made a few projects in the past using still images and they came out fine. The only difference is that I upgraded my PC to Vista from XP. I can't imagine this causing the blurred images, but if anyone has a better answer, I'd sure love to hear it!
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                            PeterFDuke Level 1
                            >I preview the project in the Elements application, the images are fuzzy/blurry. If I view the project in the application without running it (still in other words), the images are clear.

                            You need to render still images in order to see them sharp when running. Make sure the Work Area Bar includes your stills and press Enter. The red line over the stills should turn green after rendering.
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                              PeterFDuke Level 1
                              >When I view my project in an exported mpg file, the images are very fuzzy/blurry.

                              Are you viewing on a PC? Viewing interlaced video on a PC won't look as good as on a TV.
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                                Level 1
                                Hi Peter,

                                Thanks for your help, rendering certainly helped playback in the Premiere application, everything looks very sharp now.

                                When I export to an mpg (I've tried type 1 & 2) or wmv, the blurriness is still present however. This applies to text title as well as stills, however videos seem to be less affected. My target audience is friends & family viewing over the internet, so everyone will be watching on a PC/MAC monitor as opposed to a TV.

                                Any other ideas on getting a clear export? I've only tried the two mentioned formats, and I'm using default setting - nothing fancy. It's a fresh install so there's no lingering settings from some other project.

                                Thanks again!
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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  I find that the re-sizing algorithms in PS to be superior to those in Premiere (Elements or Pro). If you are not doing any panning or zooming, you can size exactly to your frame size (NTSC or PAL 4:3 or 16:9). I also set my PAR (Pixel Aspect Ratio) in PS, so my Assets are exactly as I will need them in in Premiere.

                                  For the ultimate in re-sizing, you might wish to set up Actions for "stair-stepping" your re-sizing. By this, you reduce the size in increments to yield the exact dimensions that you want. If you do this as a percentage, you can gang several Actions to batch run on your entire folder.

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                                    Level 1
                                    Hi Bill,

                                    Thanks for your comments & tips. I burned my project to a DVD and it looks awesome (even on my 61" TV). I didn't resize anything since they looked good, but again when I export to an mpg or any computer format it's blurry.

                                    I looked around on the forums and it seems to be a pretty common problem, but I've yet to see a good fix or solution. I tried sizing one photo to specs but it had no effect.

                                    I have Premier Elements 4 on my work computer, I think I'll give that a try to see if I get the same results.

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                                      PeterFDuke Level 1
                                      Perhaps you are using low resolution or high compression settings when you make your mpg. After all, the DVD that you made and you say is awesome uses MPEG2 compression.
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                                        i'm having the same problem. here is what i do. In powerpoint i save the image to a tiff format without changing the size. i bring the image to photoshop and change the image size to 640x480 without changing anything else. i bring it in to Premiere Pro CS3. in the source monitor it looks ok, in the Program window if i click on it it becomes very nice and sharp (settings are at Highest quality) but as soon as i click anywhere else other than the Program window they become blurry. once in the timeline they are still blurry and if i try to Export to Realmedia and use settings NTSC source to Download 1024 kbps or 512 or 256 and unclick Deinterlace in the Output window they look realy sharp but once exported and viewed on the PC they still are fuzzy and blurry! either exported at 320x240 or 640x480 they are blurry. I also tried saving in Photoshop to .png or .targa and still blurry. I am pretty familiar with Premiere...is there anything i'm missing here, I'm using Premiere with Matrox Axio LE.

                                        i've been trying all sorts of settings in Premiere and nothing works, i'm out of luck and any help would be greatly appreciated,i have been at this for the past week thanks.

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                                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                                          One comment on Deinterlacing. Remember, you are basically throwing away one half of you horizontal resolution. Adobe NLE products do not do the best job of Deinterlacing, but the ones that do (a better job) can be quite involved to use and usually require Command Line scripts to do the job correctly.

                                          I'll look on the Premiere Pro forums and see if I can find some links to Dan Issacs excellent articles on the best Deinterlacing programs and methods. I'll post a couple bact to this thread. He even furnishes scripts for making it all happen in the easiest fashion.

                                          [Edit] OK, here's one to read through: http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.59b5b2fb/138

                                          Dan has several links in it, that you will also want to follow.

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                                            Level 1
                                            in other words do you mean i should leave deinterlace on when exporting even though by visually looking at the output screen it doesn't look good but it will once exported?

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                                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                                              If it looks good deinterlaced (progressive) and you do not see the loss of half of the horizontal fields, by all means deinterlace. Most people do see the difference and are not pleased with it. That is why I posted the link to the article on better ways to deinterlace, though they are not without work. Your own eyes are the best judge of the quality.

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                                                Level 1
                                                could my problem be the aspect ratio and dimension i'm using in Photoshop to create my stills..what should they be to bring in a Premiere DV project that will be output for the Web using Real Media. What gets to me is that when i look at the still in Premiere's "Program" window it is very nice and clear but as soon as i click out of there it becomes blurry almost like it's out of focus adn then when i go to Export it in the Export window it is nice and clear but once exported it is still blurry...
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                                                  Level 1
                                                  I know exactly what you mean. Same issues are still happening to me. I thought I had figured it out, but when I export it to view on my computer it is still blurry. I will primarily be using them on the internet, so at this point I am still stuck. Even the titles that came with the program are somewhat blurry when exporting.

                                                  If anyone has other suggestions or if they think its a lost cause, please let me know. I am now considering purchasing another program. Maybe this program is too compicated for me! lol
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                                                    Level 1
                                                    Hi Erica

                                                    i have spend so much time testing different settings this past week and nothing works!!! i can't belive no one has the simple answer for this!! There has to be one! are we the only 2 having this problem!! i feel i'm so close to finding the solution but still haven't. i even contacted a course instructor and he doesn't know the answer. if i find it i will make sure to post it.

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                                                      I had the same problem (with Premiere Elements 7) but after much trial and error found the solution - at least in my situation. Select a preset for your project that has a pixel aspect ratio of 1:1. The one I used was HDV720p
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                                                        VideoJohnny Level 1
                                                        For photos slideshows, make sure you set the "Default scale to frame size" off. I ran some tests on quality.

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                                                          Hi - I am having this EXACT same problem as you posted here. I have been talking with nice people who respond on this forum, but have not yet found a solution. My work flow is this - can you let me know if you found a solution to your problem? I see this was last year, you probably dont want to be reminded of that week! that is how i feel. it stinks.


                                                          I have a power point document. I file save as TIF - for every slide. I then import every one of those TIFS into PS - i make sure the pixel aspect ration is SQUARE.


                                                          Now that i think of it - is square always 1:1? I assume it is if it's square.


                                                          Anyways - then i run a batch and do this for all of them. I also make each 640x480. They look crisp and clear in PS.


                                                          Then i import to Premiere. I make my own custom sequence:  with

                                                          Editing Mode: Desktop

                                                          29.97 frames per sec

                                                          I select 640 x 480 as the size

                                                          and i choose pixel aspect as square (1.0)


                                                          i leave all the rest as is.


                                                          I then drag each slide out to the Premiere Pro timeline - and it STILL has a red bar on the top. Even though everything seems to match up.


                                                          But it looks good in the source and prog monitor. Then when i go to file export media - it looks GOOD in the source monitor there too. Everything appears like it is going to render just perfect.


                                                          Then i render it - and put it in a 640x480 FLV player and it looks like garbage.... this is just to be played on the web in a custom flv player that was built for us that we reuse for many videos.


                                                          Does anyone have any comments or suggestions based on the steps above?


                                                          I am using a MAC at times, and a PC at times (tried both - thinking one might have to do with this - since i have to use PPT over parallels etc) - but it does the same thing on the PC.

                                                          This topic really has been a thorn in my side for about 2 years now.


                                                          any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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                                                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                            Hello Feebee,


                                                            Looks like you have changed your avatar, or I do not remember it correctly.


                                                            As for the PAR, you are correct. 1:1 = 1.0, or Square Pixels.


                                                            With a Desktop (Custom) Project/Sequence setting in PrPro, that matches your source footage, you should have things as good as they will be.


                                                            As to the output to FLV, if you are coming close to matching the Frame Size (not increasing it, or decreasing it too much), the bit-rate will be the determining factor on quality. If one is locked into very small file sizes, there will be no real way to improve the resultant quality. If, on the other hand, one has some leeway, regarding the bit-rate, the quality can be very good.


                                                            Hope that this helps,