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    MENU Hierachy

      I have searched the KB but always end up in the help file which says amongst other things:

      "You can add menu markers to mark additional movies, chapters, scenes, and stop points."

      Nevertheless I only find three sorts of markers - Main, Scene and Stop - I am not concerned with the latter.

      Main Markers [blue] - Allow me to access the MAJOR divisions [say two or three "Movies"] The NAMES of these main markers appear on the MAIN MENU together with "SCENE SELECTION"

      Scene Markers [green] - mark the separate events in a "Movie" BUT they are only displayed sequentially in a continuous number of SCENE MENUS.

      When I click on the NAME of my first movie in the MAIN menue it starts playing immediately - what I really want is the first SCENE MENUE for that movie.

      Similarly, when I click on the NAME of my second movie in the MAIN menue I want a SCENE MENUE for that movie.

      Also, having selected a SCENE I want to be able to use the DISC MENU button on my remote [as opposed to the TITLE button] to return me to the last SCENE MENU that I used.

      I could build this menu structure in NERO VISION 4 but do not seem to be able to do so in PE4.

      It is a real pain when you want to show selections of the typical 'home movie' to have to renegoitate to desired SCENE MENU via SCENE SELECTION every time you want to IDENTIFY a new jump point.

      Is a "tree" structure - MAIN - Chapter1/Chapter2 - Ch1Sc1/Ch1Sc2/Ch1Sc3 // Ch2Sc1/Ch2Sc2/Ch2Sc3 possible in PE4?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          You only get one set of sub-menus with Premiere Elements DVD workspace, oz. You get one main menu and one scene menu.

          You can have many pages of each menu, but you can't have a number of separate scene menu screens, one for each movie for instance.

          Does that answer your question?
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            Thanks Steve - yes that is what I feared. It would be nice to be able to atleast return to the last SCENE MENU used but that may have to wait for the next version of PE ;-)