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    MPEG Files

    Top Branded Clothing
      I'm got some green screen video which comes off my Sony FX1 in to Premiere as MPEG files.
      I edit the MPEG files (which is okay apart from some red frames which I know about) and now want to render the footage in to a lossless file to go in to After Effects for keying.
      (I don't know After Effects well enough to use that as my starting point but I do know how to use the Keylight filter which is superb.)
      So my question is, what's the best output option from Premiere? With standard definition AVI it's no problem (DV AVI in DV AVI out) but MPEG HD 1080i is obviously different.
      Selecting MPEG 1080i 50 would give me the same output format but I reckon this is a bad idea!
      What should I do?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          It depends on whether you're working on a high-def or a standard video project, Chummy.

          DV-AVI is the ideal format for use in a standard def video project.

          MPEG2 1080i is the ideal format for use in a hi-def video project.
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            Top Branded Clothing Level 1
            I'm working on a High Def project (much better keying, more pixels!).
            Steve, I reckon the rendered 1080i MPEG file is the same quality as the original (as is the case with standard definition AVI's).
            It's just that I hear all this talk about NOT editing MPEG files. I was wondering whether there was an alternative way...
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              Paul_LS Level 4
              Also if I recall correctly the color space for HDV makes it more suitable for chroma-keying. PE will handle HDV MPEG2 fairly well... similar to DV-AVI if you have a fast enough computer.
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                Top Branded Clothing Level 1
                Yes you're right, it's better.
                As for handling MPEG, I find it's okay, apart from some random red frames that Premiere inserts due to video / audio sync issues. Sometimes I also have to adjust the timing of the audio and video.
                As for my computer, it's pretty high spec.
                It's just that some people suggest NEVER to edit MPEG - which seems a bit bizarre given that Sony market HD cameras that use MPEG compression!
                If I'm outputting an AVI file in SD mode in to another app like After Effects (or another Premiere project), I output AVI.
                If I'm working with HD MPEG, I output an MPEG 1080i 50 file which (apart from the red frames) seems to work okay. I posted this thread because I was wondering whether there was a better option for HD.