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    hd video - formats, media, camera issues

      oh my goodness - i guess i'm really dumb about this stuff!!

      i'm just starting out and need some advice on equipment, formats, etc.

      i had a studio laptop that, once a dell tech "corrected" my sound card issues, worked somewhat nicely with pe4. my vob files imported easily and the process seemed easy. the burned dvd was frequently jerky - i remember seeing a post regarding this problem,. i can't try the solution since i had to return the studio due to an overheating issue and i won't be repurchasing immediately.

      as far as capturing video i bought a canon zr950 standard def mini dv camcorder. it was super easy to capture from the camera and i didn't have to install any canon software - which i liked 'cuz i'm always afraid of software conflicts.

      the quality of the zr950 is terrible, especially in low light conditions. i was going to try it outside in a variety of situations today but my son alerted me to a high def sony hdr-ux5 camcorder that was reduced drastically in price. i've spent the whole day trying to research this thing. i learned it uses a mini dvd and produces hd video in avchd format...
      my questions have to do with...
      regarding avchd - what are the ramifications of this format? i've read that pe4 can't use it but pe7 will. do i need to wait for pe7 before i could do anything with the video? (yeah, i know i don't have a computer to edit it right now anyway, but...)
      if i have source video that is hd what becomes of the burned dvd? will it be hd as well? (seriously, the more i know, the more i don't know!!)
      i've heard that the sony camcorders are more "proprietary" than some others. any thoughts? again, i don't want to install sony software - i just want to use premiere elements!!

      i hope these questions aren't annoying - i just know so little and really want to create some great videos. THANKS
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          PE7 will be able to handle AVCHD, however you need a pretty powerful computer to do so... at least a fast dual-core processor... ideally a quad core.
          The files burnt to the miniDVD are probably .mts/.m2ts AVCHD files. It is best to install the proprietry Sony Motion Picture Browser to get the files off the DVD. It also will organize them nicely on your computer.
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            For the record I have PE7 installed on a Dell Inspiron 530 desktop, a Celeron 1.60Ghz processor and 4MB ram running Vista Basic. I was blown away at how well it handled the .mts files straight off of an SDHC card. This footage was shot on a friend's Canon HF10 1080p camcorder. I easily retrieved files (get media) added to timeline, edited both audio and video and finally burned a DVD without any problems whatsoever. Very pleased! Unfortunately, the MP4 files from my Sanyo Xacti 720p camcorder cause PE7 to crash repeatedly, where PE3 and PE4 handled the just fine!