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    Transcoding error Premiere Elements 2.0

      I'm having trouble with burning to a DVD. I keep on receiving a transcoding error that reports that Adobe failed to return a video frame and it's cancelling the operation.

      Most of the time the burn process fails at about 42 % although the last time I tried it failed at 28%. The movie is about 77 minutes long, the hard drive has about 36 Gb free which seems adequate to me. I've been through the movie almost frame by frame, it took a long time but couldn't see anything that might cause problems although I'm no expert One thing I did notice was that there were three clips that had not been rendered and resisted all attempts, instead of a Red/green line it was grey, is this normal and could this be the problem?

      I have also tried to export the movie as a AVI file and create another project but again when trying to burn I got the same transcoding error.

      Any guidance would be appreciated.