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    Premiere Elements 4 Shortens Video When Importing

      I have a JVC Everio that I have used for a while without problems. I now have a clip that when I use the media downloaded or pull it over from windows, it shortens the clip from 18:14 down to 16:45 minutes in time.

      If I open the same clip in Windows Media Player, it plays the entire clip without problems. It is strictly in Premiere Elements that it cuts off the end of it. "File - Get Properties For" correctly shows the file as 18:14 until I import it and then it drops to 16:45.

      Lastly, I did find out that if I import the file and immediately drag it to the sceneline, I can get the properties and it will come in at 18:14. This is BEFORE it has had time to finish indexing and conforming the file. However, the period from 16:45 - 18:14 is a black screen with no audio - so there is still a problem.

      Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.