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    Nikon D90 Video Format

      I am looking at getting the Nikon D90 for a second camera body and that it also takes videos. It uses this format; MOTION JPEG AVI FILES. I am a complete novice re. video. Can anyone tell me if this format will work in Premiere Elements 7 or earlier? I would appreciate any help.
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          It will be hit-or-miss depending on the codecs on your PC. I convert files from my digital camera with Quicktime Pro to DV-AVI. There is other software out there that will also do the conversion for you.
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            Interesting question Barry. I am also considering the Nikon D90. Unfortunately, I don't have a definite answer to your question.

            Here are my observations:

            I have used Motion JPEG 640 x 480 30 fps video files from our Canon Powershot point and shoot cameras in Premiere Elements 3. On my XP PC, I can use the MJPEG files directly in to Premiere Elements. However, when I first convert to DV-AVI using the XP Windows Movie Maker my results from Premiere Elements are slightly better.

            However the D90 video is different both in frame size and frames per second: its formats are
            HD 1280 x 720/24 fps VGA 640 x 424/24 fps QVGA 320 x 216/24 fps

            So I suspect that using the past (like Canon Powershot) to predict the future (D90) may not work in this case.

            FYI - Have you seen this Preview of the D90? http://www.dpreview.com/previews/nikond90/

            When dpreview does their complete review (as opposed to the current preview) they have in the past included samples of the video taken by the camera being reviewed. That sample video can then hopefully be run through Premiere Elements to observe the results.