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    Help with creating Titles, please ..


      I'm creating a "How-To" type training DVD video project.

      It will be comprised of numerous short (~10 minute)
      subject segments.

      At the end of each segment, I'd like to include a "title"
      that summarizes the content of that segment.

      I'd like the title to initially say:


      Then, another item will appear such as:

      "1.) Always do this"

      Then, another item will appear such as:

      "1.) Always do this"
      "2.) Don't forget to .."

      And so on.

      I'll do a voice-over while the titles are changing.
      (I don't want the titles to scroll or roll.)

      The first problem I have is trying to replicate
      the initial title, and progressively add text to the title
      without disturbing the position of the initial text so
      that it doesn't "jump around" through transitions.

      Is there a preferred way to do this in Premiere?

      Or, should I be using Photoshop or some other external
      program to be creating these type of titles, importing them
      and cross fading them in Premiere?


      --Tom Nickel
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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          One way to handle this would be to create multiple Titles for your initial, "Summary," and position the type where you want it. Each "bullet point" would then be a separate Title, on a separate Video Track. You can either animate these, or keyframe in/out the bullet points below. When placed on the lower (of the Title Video Tracks), Track, you will need to "stretch" the Duration of your "Summary" title to cover all of the time, that you want it to appear. Then add the bullet-point Titles of however long you want them to appear on the Video Tracks above it. Their Duration will probably be different with, say the first being longer, the next being a bit shorter and the final one shorter still.

          Other than animating (remember you can only animate one line, so for multiple line bullet-point Titles, you'll need a separate one for each line), I'd think that keyframing either a Blur Effect, or Opacity to fade in/out these other Titles would be a good choice. You could also add a Dip-to-Black at each end of each one to "fade" them in/out.

          Good luck,

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            Thank you for the prompt reply!

            You see, I would not have thought of this
            method, but it sounds like a good idea to me!

            I'll try it later today.

            Thanks again,

            --Tom Nickel