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    Random Crashes, Application Errors

      I'm using Adobe Premiere 4 on my Dell Latitude D610, Windows XP 2002 (SP2), 2 GB of RAM and 23GB of hard drive space.

      I'm trying to do about a 8-10 minute highlight film for work, but it keeps randomly crashing on me. I have it on auto save every two minutes so I don't lose everything.

      There seems to be no rhyme or reason for the crash, but I do on occasion get the "Application Error" that says memory can't be read.

      I've tried my IT department and they say it's not the computer, we don't use that program, etc., etc,...

      Does anyone have a solution(s) to my problem? It's a very important project that needs to be done by next week and this is very frustrating as you can imagine.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

      Thanks again,
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          There could be a number of reasons for your crash:

          1) Outdated drivers, Quicktime and RealTek. And you should be on XP SP3.

          2) 23 gig is barely enough free hard drive space for editing video, particularly if you haven't cleaned off the temp files and defragmented lately.

          3) You also don't say what type of video format you're editing. Video other than DV-AVIs (captured from a miniDV camcorder) can require considerably more scratch disk space on your hard drive -- and photos that haven't been resized to no larger than 1000x750 pixels can require even more. You also say you're working on a highlight reel, which seems to imply that, although you're only cutting together a 10 minute project, you may be working with many gigabytes of raw video, which also require scratch disk space on your drive.
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            I will do the defrag and clean up my temp files and see how much space that gives me. My IT dept. is useless, they told me 23 GB was plenty of room!

            I'm editing using .avi, and .mpeg files and I have plenty in my folders in the organizer.

            I'm updating Windows right now (SP3) but I'm unsure of the other updates. How do I find out what drivers I'm using?

            Thanks for your help, it's calming me down a bit.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              If you're unsure of your computer's specs, the link in my earlier post connects you to a download of the Belarc Advisor, which will show you a listing of every piece of hardware on your computer.

              As I said, the biggest hurdle you've got to overcome is that lack of free space. Particularly when you're editing video on your C drive, your operating system is constantly writing page files, so that 23 gigs can fill up or fragment pretty quickly.

              But video, because it's so intensive, needs lots of hard drive space for its own page files and for writing render files, which can be huge (to the tune of a gig of space for every couple of minutes of video).

              Hopefully your cleaning and defragging will free up enough space so that the program can do its work.
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                Is this a solution? I have 127 GB of free space on a external drive - should I copy all of the video onto there?

                I know when I click to view a clip in the organizer I'll have to re route it, but it beats crashing constantly.

                Thanks again,
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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                  If your external drive is formatted NTFS (most are FAT32 by default), yes, that is likely to solve your problem -- assuming you're not using a non-standard video format or photos larger than 1000x750 pixels.
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                    It's formatted FAT32. I'm using standard video formats and I only have two photos I'm working with.

                    I'm going to clear everything off my C drive (except the video files and the Adobe folder) which should give about 70 GB to work with. I hope that works.

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                      You can also set your external drive up as NTFS. It won't damage any data and there's no reason no to. Instructions for doing so are on the Microsoft site and all over the web.

                      Keeping your video project and all of your video files on a second hard drive (either connected internally or via USB2) has lots of advantages, and often smoothes out the whole editing process. I highly recommend it rather than trying to do all your work on the C drive. (But, for the sake of the operating system, keep at least 15% of your C drive free and defragmented anyway.)