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    MPEG and audio OOS

      Here's a bit of a puzzle.

      First a bit of history..... A year or two ago, I bought a Dazzle video digitizer and it came with Studio 9. The plan was to digitize my older VHS tapes that contain lots of early footage from music events I have been associated with and which no one has ever seen. While the hardware seemed to work fine, I soon decided that Studio was perhaps the second worst piece of software I had ever used and I gave up, deciding to shelve the project for a time when the software was usable.

      At the time I shelved the project, I had several VHS tapes digitized to MPGs.

      Forward to today. I now use PE3, which is light years ahead of Studio.... but it still has annoying quirks.

      Recently, I used PE3 to turn one of the digitized VHS tapes into a couple DVD projects. I had several issues along the way, but audio OOS was NOT one of them.

      When I went to make a DVD project from another of the previously digitized VHS tapes, I discovered that although Windows and Studio both play the MPG file just fine, PE3 plays it with the audio about 2 seconds out of synch. Remember, this was digitized with EXACTLY the same hardware and settings as the previous MPG that PE had no trouble with. I don't get it.

      In desperation, I tried converting the MPG to DV-AVI with Streamclip. As it has done any other time I try to convert long clips, Streamclip worked for about 1.5 hours and then simply froze (the program froze... the PC was fine).

      So just like when I was struggling with Studio, I'm dead in the water. Fortunately, there is no rush.... I'll just shelve it again and wait for better software.

      Any suggestions, anyone?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          This is typical of the kind of thing that happens when you use video captured by Dazzle in Premiere Elements, Paul.

          Hardware, like Dazzle, Plextor, etc., is designed to pretty much be used exclusively with the software it comes bundled with. Sorry.

          Here is hardware that will work with Premiere Elements.
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            paulgoelz Level 1
            Yeah, I know. Still boggles the mind that many applications can play this stuff just fine but PE can't. And remember.... PE DID play another clip captured at the same time by the same device just fine. The only difference was that as I recall, the VHS recorder was different. Maybe it is an unstable time code issue?

            And I'd happily convert it to DV-AVI if I could but Streamclip doesn't want to run long enough to do it. Not sure why.... I have three clips to convert. One about 30 minutes long and the other two maybe 1.5 hours each. Streamclip did OK on the short one but froze during the first of the two long ones.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I've had great luck with a converter, Digital Media Converter (Deskshare). It's about US$40 and I like it so much that I have it on most of my machines. They offer a trial also. It has been nearly perfect, so long as I have the necessary CODECs on my machine, as it does not ship with its own CODECs. I've never had it crash. It will handle almost any format (again, provided that one has the proper CODECs installed) and does a really good job going to DV-AVI.

              I routinely run most MP3 Audio through it to get to PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit. As it does bulk processing, I Import the files (can be anywhere on system) and then Export to a common "conversion" folder. It also allows one to setup "scratch disk" to other HDDs to speed up processing and leave system resources free for other apps., while it runs.

              Because of its unfailing service, I have not tried any other conversion programs, so cannot comment on any of them. This little guy has just worked almost perfectly for me.

              Good luck,