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    Error trying to render 7.5 minute HDV video in any format (and other problems)

      I am at the point of desperation here. I have been working on a video (using HDV as the source) for several weeks. It is about 7 and a half minutes but has many video tracks and effects. Using elements 4 has been very slow but it has worked until today. For some reason (i must have crossed a tipping point) the little i added today has made it extremely unstable. After a couple of minutes of editing it stops refreshing the preview pane (can still hear audio at times) and I have to restart to get it back (which takes forever).

      And now the main issue is when I try to render as quicktime or MPEG, it says there was an error trying to perform the operation. I created a test project with one hdv clip in it and it can render fine (and i was rendering this project find this morning). Anyone have any suggestions? I have followed the tips strewn throughout the threads here. I have a quadcore 6600 processor and 4gig of ram (though vista only recognizes 3. I still have 120gig of harddrive free. I just need to add the soundtrack and I am done, so if I could just get the rendering working I can deal with the extremeley slow pace.

      Apologies for the long thread and for repeating many of the problems others are experiencing, but I really need to resolve the rendering problem or the project will be useless to me. Strange thing is i tried saving the project and cutting it in half but still had a problem, maybe i didn't do enough to benefit from the smaller size.

      Thanks for your help,