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    Sceneline thumbnail clips are black

      I set each of my clips to fade in (and out). The problem is, the thumnail image appears on the sceneline as a black box. I thought maybe the "posterframe" thing would work but it doesn't for thumbnail images in the sceneline.

      I understand why this is happening. The image for the clip that is displayed in the sceneline is the first frame of the the clip. In my case this is an all black frame that is a fade in. I'd like to keep the fade in because it makes the video appear smoother.

      Is there any way to get an image back (not a black square) for the clips in the sceneline when each of the clips is set to fade in? Can I choose another frame from the clip to use an a "poster frame" or "thumbnail" image for the clips on my sceneline?

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          How about using the timeline, instead?
          You can vary the number of frames shown with the slider.

          I think that once you get used to the timeline you will be able to more clearly see your project, learn more advanced techniques more easily, and never go back to sceneline!
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Peru Bob is correct. The Timeline shows a lot more info, and I find it far easier to work with.

            Now, if you really like Sceneline, wait until the last step, before additing your Dip to Black Transitions. I do not believe that there is a setting to do the equivilent of a "Poster Frame," in Sceneline. As you have found out, Poster Frame is used to show the Clip in your Scene Seleciton Menu.