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    Mysterious tone

      Hello together, write today the first time. I use video cut systems a long time (linear, non linear), at the beginning of Pinnacle studio series, since some years Premiere Elements (over ver. 1.0, 2,0 and finally 3,0).

      Now to my problem: A new project provided (so far only 1 min.) has, use sound files in the preview window (as also with use in Media players) correctly in Stereo is played. If I pull it to cut window, only 1 channel runs (both audibly and visibly over the recording level indicator). If I provide against it a new project, everything is correct. Hardware, drivers and type of file (various tried out) can´t be the source of error. Error steps both into Home Premium and XP on (always on use of the same project). I hope, somebody can help me.

      Best thanks in advance. Rohrdommel