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    Why does my video look a wee bit fuzzy?

      Hello! I just edited up some highlight clips of the Paramus vs Hackensack (for you NJ people!) football game from last night in Premiere Elements 4. It looks great on my computer (filmed with a Canon GL2), but when I put it online, it was fuzzier than I had anticipated:

      Here is how I saved it:
      1) I created the clips in Adobe Premier Elements.
      2) I used the "share" feature.
      3) From there I put it on the "Windows Media" option, as the Flash option has never worked for me.
      4) I saves it.

      Any ideas?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Well, do note that a WMV file is only about 1/4 the resolution of your original video, so there's going to be a lot less clarity. Also, WMV files, because they're made for streaming online, are compressed -- which means that scenes of lots of action (such as a football game) are more challenging to produce than scenes of static images.

          But, having not seen the original footage, I think your video looks pretty good for online video!