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    Slow and Shaky

      I have PE4 running on XP with a quad core (q6600) with 4GB of memory and 2 7200rpm drives with plenty of free space. I have a Canon FS100 (sd widescreen flash based camcorder) which produces about 200 MOD files for about 35 minutes of footage (2.37 GB space). When I create a project and import the files in PE becomes very slow. Switching to and from PE results in long delays where PE performs disk reads on the drive holding the media for 3-4 minutes. Editing is also unbearably slow. The cpu never gets above 10% and the memory utilization stays at about 1 GB so that is not a bottleneck. Rendering files is fine, its just the editing process that is horrible.

      I have read elsewhere about breaking up the project into fewer large files rather than many small. I tried this and it does perform much better. The only problem is that when I try to consolidate the files into an AVI the video is shaky. That problem is also discussed elsewhere but I have my project setup as flash based so I thought that would be fine.

      This leaves me with 2 questions:

      1. Is there anything I can do so that I can just work with my original files rather than consolidate them? It seems that PE isn't using all the memory I have and is constantly hitting the disk re-reading the media files even though all I have don't is switched from one program to another. It's not hitting the Windows swap file as that is located on another drive.

      2. If there isn't anything I can do to work with my original files will I lose something in the translation if I consolidate to an MPEG rather than AVI to avoid the shaking? In the end I'm trying to produce a DVD but am uncomfortable doing all this converting just to work around issues with this software.

      Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Smartest thing you could do is convert your video files to DV-AVIs before you bring them into Premiere Elements, Paul. That's the video format Premiere Elements is built around, and it handles them most efficiently.

          Not that you should be sweating things with XP on a quad core! There has got to be some bottleneck some place that stealing your power!

          You say you have two drives. I assume you're using your second drive for your video project and video files. A couple of things:

          1) Make sure the drive is formatted NTFS and not FAT32. You can find out if this is so by opening My Computer, right-clicking on each drive and selecting Properties.

          2) Ensure that the second drive is set up in your BIOS, not just your operating system. You can find out if this is the case by pressing ESC or F1 at the logo screen (The logo screen that appears BEFORE Windows starts to boot up) and entering your set-up area. If you haven't been here since installing that second drive, it's important to make the necessary updates here. Otherwise, your drive will chug along like a drive half its speed.

          But I still recommend converting that file to a DV-AVI. You'll be amazed at how much better your whole system works with them!
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            I have benchmarked all the drives (and everything else) using SiSoftware Sandra toolkit and everything is performing as expected. I tried converting the MOD files to AVI with streamclip but it crashes. I'm not sure if the Canon is producing files that are 100% to spec or if it's something else.

            Can you recommend some other utilities for converting MOD to AVI?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              VirtualDubMod is an excellent free tool for doing that conversion.

              A great all-around free conversion tool is Super.

              But I'm concerned that even MPEG Streamclip is crashing your system! It makes me think you've got some more fundamental issues on your system you need to address.
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                try turning off your antivirus program exit PE and open again ... works for me. I at least have identified TrendMicro as the problem now i have to find a permanent fix so i can leave it running - excluding the videos folder from the scanning did not work.