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    timeline icons in PE3

      In my current video, there's an icon on the timeline that looks like three vertical bars -- kind of like |||. I can't seem to remove it, because there's no right-click syntax menu, but I'm not sure what it is or what effect it might have. I can move it within the current clip, though. Any ideas what it is?

      Also, the icon at the end of the shaded part of the timeline -- sometimes this is beyond the end of the video, at the end, or before the end. What is its purpose, and does it have any effect on the burned product?

      John S.
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          PeterFDuke Level 1
          Perhaps it is two very small clips that you have accidentally created by splitting a clip or two when you inserted or moved other clips. If you expand the time on the timeline to the point where you can see individual frames, does this "icon" look any different?
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            Level 1

            I checked what you suggested, but also sheepishly noticed that the ||| mark is the same that denotes the middle of scroll bars, such as on my browser. So it's a slider that moves that shaded part of the time line back and forth, and the ends are denoted by the other icons about which I was asking.

            But any idea what this sliding bar with movable endpoints is for? A measuring stick?

            John S.