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    1. FLV won't import.  2. FLV to AVI-converter.  3. K-Lite Codec

    FGx Level 1
      I captured video streams from the web with a third party program, WM Recorder from Applian. A bit crappy, but it mostly works. The captured format is FLV. They play nicely in a media player, also from Applian.
      I tried to import them in Prel. In the Add Media window, the "File Type"-bar at the bottom is set to "All Supported Files" by default, and my FLV files won't show. I can understand this, but if you set this bar to "All files" the same happens.

      I converted the FLVs to AVI's (using an Applian utility yet again), but Prel reported that in order to import a necessary file was missing.
      As suggested in another post on this forum, I installed the K-Lite Codec Pack (with FLV Splitter etc.). Now indeed the AVI's do import in Prel (still can't see the FLV's), but the quality is very poor compared to the originals.

      I apologize for all these questions, but:

      1. Why does an Adobe program refuse to import video in the (Adobe) FLV-format in the first place?
      2. Do you have any advice/suggestions for/experience with a FLV-to-AVI converter that does not downgrade the quality?
      3. Now that I installed this K-Lite codec pack, I read various posts warning against codec packs in general, messing up your system etc. Should I be worried and uninstall?

      Thanks for your help.