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    My advice is to stick with version 3

      My advice is to stick with version 3.

      I find that v4 is strictly for complete beginners.

      If youve done any editing before youll find it ridiculous .

      Most of the things you want to do and did before are hidden and hard to find unless you look them up in help.

      I put it on and soon abandoned it and went back to v3 ( or even v2) which are far better editing programs.

      Do what you like but if your looking for an improvement your wasting your money with v.4

      Bob Dutru ( retired abc news cameraman)
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          Biggest problem with PE4 was with hiding the Properties panel, you need to right click on the clip to open it. PE7 is better in that there is an icon below the preview monitor... but still not ideal.
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            PeterFDuke Level 1
            Right-click on the clip or click on icon is the same amount of work either way.

            Correction: Version 4 requires Right-click and then click on Properties, so Version 7 has one less click.
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              I have heard a lot about the 'Properties panel'.
              I find it strange as why its the bottleneck amongst all the guys, because while I edit the video, i rarely use the Properties panel, and thought that its was always a waste of space to keep it ON all the time.

              In Version 7, with the icon in place, it solves the problem, I think.

              Or may be my way of working with the application is different from the rest. I prefer doing all the editing (Placing, sequencing, trimming, titling) and then move to add effects whereever required. And so dont need the properties panel open throught the first few editing steps.

              yes, It may be more useful for guys who import a clip, put it on the timeline and then add effects transitions right then and there.
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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                An interesting opinion.

                Among other things the Properties panel allows you to add and remove effects, customize effects and transitions, create motion paths, keyframe variations of effects and shapes and performance of motion paths and create and customize presets, picture-in-picture effects and even create custom transitions. In my opinion, it's the second most powerful workspace (second to the timeline) in the program.

                But I guess it depends on how deeply you edit and what you're trying to accomplish.
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                  Level 1
                  Exactly !!

                  Me use this application primarily for dumping footages from my camcorder to the PC and then trimming off the bad portions, Adding Begin title and Close title and Backing it up back to different set of tape [[[ And also shifting on DVD.

                  But, yes when I start adding effects / transitions, the properties window comes handy. But even then -invoking the properties panel is not as painful as most of the guys describe here. Definately not important enough to ask others to NOT to upgrade.

                  I would site an example of the Dual monitor stuff of version 2 (I guess ??), the 'seperate''always visible'preview monitor and edit Monitor was very helpful and I used to complain about it all the time, but with every new version there is always some change.
                  Definaltely - the guys out at adob must be doing enough research before putting up the final product to the user.