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    PE4: how to create curve line to follow a map?

      I saw a video that displayed a line following a road on a map in PE3Help, but it did not have any instructions. Does anyone know how to do this in PE4?

      I tried 3 different rudimentary methods using the transparent title clip over a road map clip:
      1) used the line tool to draw multiple straight lines from point A to B,or,
      2) inserted text "-" (dash), copy/pasted it x number of times from point A to B, moved each "-" to orient in a curve path with transform/rotate option,or,
      3) insert the text "m" with and changed the font to "wingding" for a filled in circle, and copy/pasted it x number of times along a curved path from point A to B.
      Then I used the "wipe" transition on the title clip, lengthening the transition time to almost the entire length of the clip. This works okay when the path is going in one direction.

      The results of the 3 solutions were okay, but I am looking for a smoother, solid continuous line procedure.