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    An Export/Sharing Question

    GovtLawyer Level 1
      I made a 4 minute video captured from my mini-dv camera. As directed by a website, for submitting to a contest, I exported it in MPEG4 Video. Took me a while to figure that out, as I was directed by a forum member to go to file/export/movie/settings, but not told I had to look under Quick Time. In any event, it was done, and is in good quality. However, its quite large. I assume it will download to the site correctly, when I'm ready.

      In the meantime, I want to send it friends, for their evaluation prior to my submitting it. However, its too large to send via email. What would be good settings to export again, so I could attach it to an email and the recipients could open it and view it in either Quick Time or Windows Media? I'm not as concerned about quality, as content is more important, so I need not make it in a high resolution (its a 4 x 3 movie)

      Please walk me through the best settings to send as an email attachment.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          I would recommend bringing reducing the frame size. That will greatly reduce the size of the file -- and it's pretty likely the site you post it to is going to do so anyway.

          A full sized video frame for TV is essentially 640x480 pixels (The pixels are non-square 720x480, but all in it's essentially 640x480.)

          The standard for video for the web is 320x240, and doing that alone should make a significantly smaller video file.

          Meantime, if you're using versions 4 or 7 of Premiere Elements, there are some easier ways for exporting an MPEG4. (I assume you used File/Export/Movie, which will work also although, as you've found, takes some digging to find the right settings.)
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            GovtLawyer Level 1
            I do have PE4. I found the share function and was able to make a WMV file with the 320 X 240 dimensions. I lowered the quality a bit and ended up with a file which I could email. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as easy to make an MPEG4 using share. In any event, I think I got it now.
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              Look under the Share option to output to a phone or portable device -- in particular, under the iPod. Use the Medium Quality preset from the dropdown and it should produce a nice, compact MPEG4.