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    Windows vs MAC

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      I have PE4 and photoshop elements 6. I run these on a Lenovo laptop and have had few problems with memory or speed. Occasionally, when I have a problem, I keep hearing "A MAC works much better with that", or "That is much easier on a MAC"

      I have used MACs a little and have never been very impressed. I have never considered buying one. Am I missing something? Are Macs really better at processing video and stills?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          The biggest advantage of Macs is that they control both the operating system and the hardware -- so there aren't nearly as many variations of products as there are PCs. It's a premium product to be sure, but with that key advantage. And that can translate into stability and consistency of performance.

          That and they look cool. At least the first year or two, before they start looking over stylized.

          In terms or processing video and stills, I work with a Mac professionally on my job as a graphic designer (because it's the industry standard, and I want to be the on the same standard as my vendors) and a PC at home for my graphics and video editing work -- and, at least in 99% of my experience, they both handle video and stills equally well. (That 1% deals with color profiling on such a high level that even most professional graphic designers don't even get up into that high end.) If my computer died today and it was my dollar, I'd go for another PC in a heartbeat. Wouldn't even consider a Mac for home use.

          But, at least in my opinion, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Macs are great. PCs are better than ever and are an incredible value. Both have a terrible habit of letting you down once in a while. One is a Honda and the other is Lexus, but both get you to the grocery store and back.
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            Thanks Steve. I will stick with what I have.

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              GovtLawyer Level 1
              Does Premiere Elements run on a Mac? Also, I have PE4, was there a 5 or 6, or did it go straight to 7?
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                Ozpeter Level 1
                It went straight to 7 to tie in with the Photoshop Elements version numbering.
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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                  Premiere Elements does not run on a Mac.

                  And, no, as Ozpeter says, there were no versions 5 or 6.