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          I am using a Canon ZR 950 camcorder and PE4. (windows xp) What is the proper codec to use with PE4 ? I dont know which one my computer is using. also, you say videos should be in DV-AVI format, Is the video already in that format coming from the camcorder or,how do I put it in that form ? is this done during capture or before ? Video I have captured so far (default settings) is poor quality with jittery/un smooth appearance. Thank You
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            Barb__O Level 4

            Others on the forum know much more about capturing to Premiere Elements. However, there are some comments that I can make in case you are currently checking for responses.

            Your Canon ZR 950 is a mini-DV camcorder, so your videos from its tape should come in as the DV-AVI format. Since I don't think that your camcorder would have come with a firewire cable, I wonder how you captured your video. Did you capture via an IEEE 1394 (also called FireWire) cable connected from the camcorder to your PC/laptop?

            Also, I suggest that you post some system specs for your PC/laptop. Look at this forum FAQ for v4 to see what forum experience has recommended and also use it as a guideline for what info to post


            Then others on the forum will be able to better assist you.
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              As Barb says files from your DV camcorder should be captured over Firewire, is this how you are capturing them? The codec is already on your system, it should use the Microsoft DV codec.
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                Hello Barb and Paul, First off, Thank You! for your replies to my post.
                My video was indeed captured with firewire (sony i link). My computer is a Sony Vaio Model pcv rs 410.windows xp sp2,Pentium 4 2.6 gig cpu, 768 MB ram. 160 gig western digital hard drive.directx 9. I think the computer itself meets the requirements, although I will be increasing ram to 1 gig soon.
                The help function in PE4 does not work,it brings up a cryptic notepad document.so that was no "help" to me. codecs are barely mentioned in the book, but I am discovering that they are of critical importance when capturing video,from my research on line.I would like to be able to confirm either in windows or PE4 that the proper codec is being used. As you know, windows has a habit of doing what it wants without seeking our approval, maybe using wrong codec. I am new to working with video as you may have guessed, I am a musician, trying to produce a music video.any guidance you can offer is greatly appreciated, Thanks again! jim
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                  See this FAQ regarding help files:

                  For DV-AVI you should not have to worry about codecs as the Windows codec is fine. If you open a DV-AVI clip in Windows Media Player and then look under properties for the clip what does it say for Video Codec? Should just say DV Video Decoder... which is fine.