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    PE7, so far, so very good

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      Downloaded a copy of PE7 from the Adobe site. 3.2GB total and very quick. Uninstalled everything to do with PE4 (and Powerdirector 7...), defragmented the C: partition, deleted all unecessary files from the dedicated external hard drive (a 500GB WD), installed PE7 and in three hours of editing twenty five minutes of HDV files, have been unable to crash it. Did exactly what I used to do with PE4, added files, added crawling and rolling text, edited the text, changed the font, added drop shadow, rendered, etc., etc., and not once did it crash. Really tried to crash it. Simply did the stuff that would have had PE4 reeling, but, nothing happened. Render times actaully take as long as indicated and sometimes a little faster. No more hitting the enter key through squinted eyes. Haven't shared yet via DVD or Blu-ray and still have to add some opening titles and rolling credits at the end, but things are looking very, very promising. Seems they may have ironed out the bugs. Although it's early days, so far, I'm a very happy bunny...did nothing else other than install...

      Interestingly, when you double click the icon on the desktop to open the application, you get the PE7 startup title, which quickly runs through the installation of the .dll's and plugin's, etc. 95% of the developers names seem to be of Indian origin. Seems some of the development may have been outsourced (or even 'insourced'), however, in my book, they've done an excellent job (so far...)...

      Is it possible to download of copy of this PE7 book then Steve...?
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          They have improved the memory handling of PE7, they had to to achieve AVCHD support. It should improve HDV and MPEG2 handling.
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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
            Thanks for the excellent real world report, Makiru!

            I've noticed a load more demand on memory with this version, so I've increased my RAM load to 1.5 gig. HDV would probably need at least twice that. Maybe 4 gig for AVCHD.

            As for downloading me ... I tried to crawl through the cable once but scraped up my knees. And that was broadband! I can't imagine how hard it would be to squeeze through a dial-up connection.

            But the book is easy to come by!
            http://www.amazon.com/Muvipix-com-Guide-Adobe-Premiere-Elements/dp/0615248993/ref=sr_1_1?i e=UTF8&s=books&qid=1222886756&sr=8-1
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              ruzun Level 1
              Does PE7 read all PE4 projects fine, are there any features/effects/transitions that were present in PE4 that are not available in PE7.

              At this point I'm inclined to uninstall PE4 and Photoshop Elem 6, then install 7, since it sounds like its straight up better, but will I be missing something that was present in last years programs if I do this?
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                Paul_LS Level 4
                All the effects from PE4 are present in PE7. And PE7 should open PE4 projects, but once opened in PE7 they will not open in PE4. However it is always best to finish any projects before upgrading, just incase there are any unforeseen issues.
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                  To be honest, I don't know. Because I had such a problem with PE4 and I was changing the location of the scratch files and other stuff, I just couldn't find the location of certain items. So basically I uninstalled PE4 and deleted everything associated with it and started again. I didn't really have too much data (because I stopped when I started having so much trouble), so I guess I could afford to do it.

                  So just to update on my previous post, I burned a DVD copy (not a Blu-ray yet) and it was flawless. Sometimes when the 'encoding media' came up in PE4 it used to hang and through the task manager in Windows, I would basically have to re-boot. But I'm getting slightly ahead of myself.

                  From the project I had yesterday evening, I added a music soundtrack, rolling titles at the end and edited them, which in PE4 would not have happened and if it did, in nowhere near the time that the file rendered in PE7. It really is much quicker. I put some animated titles at the beginning, again something I wouldn't even have attempted in PE4 and I must admit, I did crash it once or twice, however, I was really putting the system under pressure and for me putting it to the limit (which I wouldn't even have gotten remotely close to in PE4) by double clicking stuff and not waiting for it to open (yea, a big no-no) and just seeing if I could crash it. It did, BUT, by just closing the programme and re-opening without having to re-boot the computer, I was up and running again (which, with PE4, was something I had to do to make sure I could open the programme again). PE4 would have crashed and burned on my computer, I would have then spent ten minutes shutting down and then twenty by booting up again and waiting for the project to load. With PE7, the project loads four or five times faster (of course this may vary from computer to computer). It really is much, much quiker.

                  The real 'piece de resistance' for me was to add a disc menu of the Comicbook style from the templates. The template is an HD template and although I may have got it to open in PE4, to try and change the font AND the text was to commit suicide. The sytem would simply not accept it. In fact, just to try and complete the project I was making in PE4, I chose the simplest template and left the text as it was. And it just made it.

                  This time I used the same template, changed the text and the font and burnt the DVD disc with no problem at all. Blu-ray tomorrow.

                  My workflow is probably the poorest ever seen, but, in seven hours, I made a twenty one minute movie, with animated opening credits, rolling closing credits, Comicbook disc menu (the most difficult for me on PE4) with associated menu markers, transitions, crawling text, added a soundtrack and burnt the lot. From start to finish, with the odd software crash in between.

                  Still early days, but so far, for me, a 100% improvement, because the software is now useable, with, fingers crossed, very little likelyhood of crashing and I can actualy have some fun by making movies. Which is what I used to do with PE2. When I could get a Blu-ray to burn on PE4, they look simply brilliant on a Full HD LCD especially with the source coming from an HDV camcorder. For me, definately worth the $102 (I live in Hong Kong...no tax). I'll let you know on the Blu-ray burn.

                  Oh, and I just forgot, I'm writing this with PE7 open in the background. PE4 would have just froze and a re-boot necessary. No way to open another programme with PE4 open.
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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                    Wow, Makiru! You're either a great testimonial or you're getting a lot of money from Adobe!
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                      ...the former, unfortunately...
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                        Just to tie up the 'loose' end, I finally burnt a Blu-ray copy of the project that I made in PAL 1440x1080i and it looks brilliant on a full HD LCD (Bravia 40").

                        H-O-W-E-V-E-R there's been the odd development with regard running speeds and a bit of stability. For no apparent reason the load time when opening the media has increased and is starting to act a bit like the PE4, but, opens with no problem. Just a bit long. Burning an ordinary DVD was a bit problematic a couple of times, but I think it may be that my DVD drive is about to go tit's up. My Blu-ray disc drive burns the DVD disc with no problem.

                        When clicking on share and then disc and then selecting DVD and then burn, the system would seem to hang. I would open the task manager through Windows and the application would show 'not responding', but if I left it a bit longer, the application would then start, the encoding of media would begin and the disc would burn. Weird, and I've really done nothing to the system except use it a lot. In fact, if I was clicking on a button to do something and if it was taking longer than a day or two ago, I would open the task manager to see what was happening. It would usually say 'not responding' and then, if I left it a little longer, would change to 'running' and then open (or do whatever the button represented). It would work, not crash, but everything seems to be taking longer than when I first described the operation in the forum. Dare I say that I've actually re-installed the software just in case, but it doesn't appear to have maded a difference.

                        Anyway, I've just started a new project which is much bigger than my 'test' one, so I'll let you know how I get on. I'm still happy even though the speed of opening applications has decreased and some of the reactions of the software is PE4'ish, but it'll work, which was the main difference, just have to be a little patient (which is what I don't want to be in the end...).