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    elements 4 locks up

      I have a hp media center pc that I use for premiere elements 4. Lots of free space everything is fine. I have a 3 hour movie that I converted to avi using streamclip I also intalled quicktime alternative and that is the only quicktime I have installed. I load the movie fron the files and everything is fine. I depress share, dvd, and burn. I do this at night and let it run. It seems to get to about 50 or 69% and then locks up. I am using a dvd+R DL disk. Am I doing anything wrong? I am a little new to this type of project. Thank you
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          How much free space do you have? Have you cleaned and defragged your drive lately, per our recommended maintenance?

          3 hours is a huge movie! Certainly too much to fit on a standard DVD, and an awful lot to even try to load onto a dual-layer disc. Which are you using?

          Also, make sure all of your hard drives are formatted NTFS and not FAT32, which has a file size limitation that prevents processes like this. (In My Computer, right-click on each drive and select Properties.)

          Finally, if all else fails, try out DVD burn workaround and see what it tells you.
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            Thanks I will do the checks and give it another try