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    pse3:   Export Quicktime: H.264   -  encodes to blank video

      I am trying to encode some widescreen std def video for upload to Vimeo.
      Following some guidelines there, I'm doing:

      File / Export
      Lan 1024K
      Advanced (to customize settings)
      Codec H.264
      Width 880
      Height 480
      bitrate 3024
      Qdesign Music 2

      // ok

      The problem is the output file (video.mov) has no video. The audio is there. There was no sign of a problem during the encoding phase.
      Oh Yeah, the first time i did it i had to go through an encoder activation process, the result of which it told me "Encoder activation successful".

      My interpretation of successful would include some video output.

      If i choose Sorenson 3 (the video default) it goes ok, video is included.
      Choosing H.263 produces an output, but it's more difficult to tune for quality - it looks pretty muddy as compared to Sorenson 3.

      Is there a way to get H.264 output with pse3?

      Sorenson 3 works reasonably well, i could probably use that. This query is how do i get H.264 output, to compare?

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          Do you have the most current version of Quicktime installed?
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            No, i didn't have a recent QT. It was QT 7.01 or something, and now i've got 7.50. This totally solved the lack of video problem - there is video now.

            So i can make a comparison, but the results are pretty unexpected. PSE3 with QT 7.50 prododuces a video file about five times the size of the comparison programs, TMPGEnc. & the free Super@ encoder. In PSE3 the bitrate setting(for QT export) fails to make any difference.

            TMPGEnc offers H.264 but does a terrible job with it. Super@ does reasonably well, comparable to Sorenson output with PSE3. (Soreneson is looking better to me, with these latest results)

            I'm going to try the MPeg4/AVC output next - TMPGEnc seems to do quite well with that, and you have quite a bit of control with TMPGEnc (control which totally disappears with H.264 setting). TMPGEnc is what i generally use for DVD output.

            This would not be what's specified according the original guidelines, but i've tried the H.264 enough to say i just don't the right setup for it - maybe you need QT-pro, i have the free version.

            Maybe i'll give .wmv a shot too, i think that's a pretty efficent Mpeg4 type encoding.

            I feel like that's progress,
            Thanx, M.