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    Using Quad core processor for PE7

      If I run PE7 on a quad core 2.5GHz processor, will it perform better than on a dual core 3GHz (planning to use 4GB RAM in both cases)?
      I am planning on a pc upgrade for processing AVCHD movies taken on a Sony HDRSR11e.
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          Well, it depends. Some processes will use 100% of all four cores and some do not. Most of the rendering of AVCHD files I have done will use all four cores of my Quad core Q6600 at almost 100%. So in this case yes, the Quad core is better.
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            PeterFDuke Level 1
            The most CPU intensive tasks such as rendering should be faster with the 2.5 GHZ quad core. Other tasks within PE not optimized for quad cores may be slower, but not impact too much on work flow.

            I noticed in the latest Toms Hardware comparisons, that Photoshop does not seem to be optimized for multi-processors, so it would do better with the 3GHz dual core. You might check what other apps you use and factor that into your considerations.
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              Level 1
              Thanks very much, the intention is to have one PC dedicated to HD video editing, another PC will run all other apps, so sounds as though quad core is the way to go.
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                Does anyone have any thoughts on the above? Accordingly, it has 6 cores (2 Intel/ 4 Cell)
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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                  Generally, I don't recommend laptops for video editing. They're built for portability, not power. Besides, this program needs A LOT of screen space, and most laptops can't give you the real estate of a 22" desktop monitor.

                  That said, these are very powerful machines, and the monitors can be set to a pretty high resolution -- so the interface should fit, although the type might be pretty tiny.

                  I do highly recommend, though, that if you go this route you select the one with the 32-bit operating system. Most of the software world isn't quite ready for 64-bit Vista yet.