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    Missing Serial Numbers

      I have not been able to get my serial number for the download of Premiere Elements from Adobe. Is anyone else experiencing this problem. I received an email saying my order was shipped and sent me to the download site, but there was no serial number for Premiere (just for Photoshop) I have contacted Customer Service several times and I'm told they will email it. STILL NOTHING!
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Have you called them?

          E-mails are usually not the best way to get customer service.
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            Level 1
            Yes, I have spoken with them at least 3 times and they told me twice they're going to email it to me. It is very strange, Customer Service seems as if they're are in a fog about my problem.
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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I find that response to by atypical of Adobe Customer Service. Though I have used them, but a few times, they have always been 100% with similar issues. When I upgraded Illustrator over about 4 versions, one five minute call (including hold-time) had me up and running. My original S/N was too old for the database in the AI upgrade to recognize. Adobe had an interim S/N for me in seconds, and then helped me re-set my installation to accept my older S/N. They have always helped me 100%, and in very short order with just one telephone call. Maybe things have changed, but I would place the call, and ask that they provide me with whatever was needed to do the install. It should not take an e-mail to do it.

              Good luck,