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    An Issue burning to LightScribe discs?

      On my brand new HP Pavillion laptop, I've tried burning my first Premiere 4 video to a LightScribe disc so I can try out laser labelling.

      BUT twice now, after waiting several hours for the Premiere project to encode, it refuses to burn to the disc, saying the media doesn't have enough room. "Not enough capacity." What? It's a regular capacity disc which should hold up to 2 hours of video, and my project is 50 minutes long.

      I'm using a brand new disc, actually, I've tried two different discs so far. I've tried it with "fit to available space" checked, and unchecked, keeping the file size down to well under the disc's 4.7 gig capacity.

      I don't understand why a 50 minute video couldn't fit on the disc without having to drastically lower the quality slider.

      But that's a moot point, because Premiere is just refusing to burn the disc - and the HP laptop has a LightScribe drive.

      What now? Why does it always seem to be one road block after another, things so rarely work the way they're supposed to.

      Any clues, folks?
      Randy B.
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          Burn to a folder first, then burn the folder's files to the disc.
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            Thanks much for the reply, Peru Bob

            I'm wondering if you mean that this two step process of burning to file first, and then making discs as needed is always the best way to work, if it's a generally good workaround for problems, or if it's a way of working which you know avoids this specific problem I had?

            Meanwhile - INTERESTING outcome to this. On the third try, when I got the same error message right after the encoding pass--that the media didn't have enough space, for the first time I went ahead and clicked YES when asked if I wanted to burn anyway. I had to see what was going to end up on the disc.

            When it got to the end of the burning process, it said the media was full and that the project wasn't completely burned. OK--that didn't surprise me, considering the earlier message.

            BUT what surprised me was that the disc turned out to be perfectly fine. The menu is all there and working, and the entire disc plays perfectly, on a computer and on a DVD player.

            And that means these two error messages were completely Bogus. Why would they be showing up? I could've had my disc finished many hours ago--but I kept believing the messages and stopping when it said there were problems Only by finally ignoring the error messages was I able to finish the project, and it turned out perfectly, as I said.

            One bummer though - I had lowered the quality of the project in a desperate attempt to get it to fit on the disc. That turns out to have been unncessary, so now I have a lower resolution disc than I should've had.

            I'm wondering if these incorrect error messages are typical of Premiere, or if perhaps it's because the program didn't know what to do with the LightScribe disc - or--?

            Randy B.
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              It's possible, I was getting a "not responding" message in the Windows task manager when I thought things were taking too long in PE7, but if I left it alone for a bit longer, everything was OK. Weird...
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                Hi, Makiru - In PE7? Premiere Elements 7? I thought that didn't even come out until much later this month.

                I think the lesson for me from this large waste of time yesterday, is that it's best to simply always burn to a folder instead of to a disc, even when you only need one copy of something. That's how I plan on proceeding.

                Thanks again to you both, Bob and Makiru - but I wonder why Peru Bob's reply has disappeared--??

                Randy B.
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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
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                    Hi, Steve - Thanks for the info. Don't know how I missed that before!--all the messages have automatically shown up for me in the past. Hmmm, why Wouldn't I want to see all the messages? Well, always nice to have choices. 8-)

                    Randy B.
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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                      Well, some of the threads have dozens of posts, Randy. If you showed every post, it could take you forever just to get to the last!

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