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    Best way to Capture Analog Video (via DV)

      I have no issues with capturing DV video froma DV Camcorder in PRE. The process is very smooth and I really am comfortable with it. However, when I am capturing my old wedding and other personal VHS tapes (via an ADTech Pyro AV) I really hate the capture capablities within PRE ( I am use PRE 7).

      I was wondering if there is any advantage to using PRE for the DV Capture for my Analog material verses using either Windows Import Video, or using some other capture program like Pinnacle Studio (which allows me to specifiy the length of the capture verses having it just run on until I stop it.) Most of my VHS tapes are 2 hours in length and I would like to be able to say capture 125 minutes then stop (so I could just run the captures at night or while I am otherwise not using the computer.) With PRE7 it will just continue capturing forever until I stop it, which creates some enormous files that then need to be trimmed.

      (Does anyone know a way to tell PRE to just capture for x amount of time on a analog to DV Capture?)

      Is a DV Capture the same regardless of program? Is there any advantage to actually running the capture through PRE7 verses external where I can provide better control over the length and time of the capture.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          If your ADS Pyro AV Link is set up right and capturing over FireWire, you should get the same quality no matter what program you use to capture -- and that quality should be as good as the original. Premiere Elements does nothing to change the video data of DV as it captures; it just saves it as it comes in.

          But I would not recommend using any program or device that captures as anything other than DV-AVIs. Otherwise you're dealing with conversion issues and possibly incompatible video files, etc.

          Does that answer your question?
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            It sure does. Thanks for the fast reply. Think I will use the Windows Video Import (keeping the file as a DV-AVI) for capturing my VHS Tapes through my ADSTech Pyro AV.

            I am relieved that I am not losing anything (quality, function, etc) by capturing them external to PRE then just working with them in PRE.

            Thanks Again.
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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              >just capture for x amount of time

              You might see if http://www.scenalyzer.com/main.html will work with the Pyro

              If it does, you pay to register and not have a watermark inserted every few frames