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    How to cross-cut between multiple cameras

      I've been trying to find a step-by-step procedure for the most efficient way to cut from one video segment to another when more than one camera has been used to record the same event (with the audio from only one being used as the master audio track). I've looked at the tools for splitting segments, zeroing the video level, etc., but it seems like a cumbersome way to do this and doesn't lend itself to fine-tuning the jump point. Can anyone point me to a procedure that might have already been written (or give me the right term to search for in the help system)? This is Premiere Elements Version 3. Thanks!
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          Take a look at this from Steve, forum moderator:
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            I am assuming that you mean a straight jump cut rather than a fade.
            What I do is put one video track on track 2 and one on track 3 (I don't use track 1). Get them perfectly aligned.
            If you now watch you will just see track 3 as it overlays track 2.
            When you get to the point where you want to switch to track 2, put a cut into track 3, at the point where you want to cut back to track 3 again put a cut in track 3.
            Then set the opacity to the bit between the two cuts to 0%. This means that for that bit you will see track 2.

            If you want to instead of doing a cut you can replace with a fade

            Might not be the best way but it works for me and is reasonably quick. It also means that you only need to sync the two tracks once as you keep the whole of each track there, only adjusting the opacity.