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    More Bogus Error Messages - getting media from DVD

      Yesterday I kept getting error messages when trying to burn a project to DVD. The pop-up said there wasn't enough room on the media, even though it was only a 50 minute project going to a regular 2 hour capacity DVD.

      That was cleared up - I just had to ignore the messages, and the disc burned just fine.

      Today I'm getting new error messages, equally as bogus. I'm extracting video files from an older DVD of one of my projects. Every time I go to import another VOB file, towards the end of the extraction, the basic Windows error message comes up saying the program has stopped responding, and there's an arrow to see the full error report.

      And like yesterday's error messages, I've learned to just close the message and Premiere stays open, and the VOB file in question has been successfully imported after all.

      What's going on? It's very disconcerting to keep getting error messages which aren't true.

      Randy B.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          This can happen, particularly if you have less than 50 gigs of clean, unfragmented space on your hard drive.

          Best solution is to convert the VOBs off your DVD to DV-AVIs before you bring them into Premiere Elements, per our FAQ at the top of this forum.

          DV-AVIs are the ideal workflow for this program, and they work much more efficiently than files, such as MPEGs and VOBs, that the program must convert internally before using.
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            Thanks much for more of your expert advice, Steve - And thanks for the link to the file converter.

            I have well over 100 gigs of clean, unfragmented space on my virtually new laptop by the way. I just need to adapt my exptectations and realize that even though Premiere Elements has features such as the automatic converting of imported files, that it's best not to rely on the program working as hard as that.

            Thanks again.
            Randy B.
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              --Need to report disappointment with the free converter, Steve. It's designed for Apple users with all converting choices in terms of Apple extensions - And it forces one to either get rid of Quicktime and use the substitute, or to buy an MP2 utility at Apple. I already did the unlocking routine to get MP2 working in Premiere - I'm wary of what this converter is asking me to do, especially since it doesn't seem to be aimed at PC users. OH well.

              I'll need to seek out a different converter (though in the past I've tried many and they all seem to greatly degrade picture quality regardless of settings chosen) - or put up with the quirky, clumsy conversion that Premiere does.

              Randy B.
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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                That's up to you, of course, Randy. But I've used MPEG Streamclip a number of times and I've been very pleased with the results.

                As an alternative, you can see if VirtualDubMod works for you.

                This program was developed by the same people who created the indispensable VirtualDub AVI processor, and it's designed specifically for working with MPEGs and VOB files and converting them to Panasonic DV coded AVIs.
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                  Hello again, Steve

                  Well, what I'm concerned about is that the utility is designed for people on Macs. The menu choices are all in terms of Apple oriented files and codecs. But--Get rid of QuickTime and use the generic substitute?--I just don't see how I'm supposed to be comfortable with that.

                  I did a test file, but couldn't get to the conversion to AVI stage, because it said I had to either buy the MP2 from Apple or throw out QT and get the generic substitute. I've already installed QT, paid $30 to upgrade it to the Pro version (all done earlier in the hopes of being able to use more file types in Premiere--files which the program says it can handle, but apparently actually doesn't) and I've installed the Premiere MP2 codecs--I don't get why I need to throw that all out just to use a program which is going to do what Premiere is already touted as being able to do on its own. Ya know?

                  Ideally I would be working only with AVI files, but in the Real World, all sorts of different files are liable to present themselves as the material one has to work with. I'm unhappy to see that Premiere doesn't handle them well, which is a contradiction to what Adobe claims at their website.

                  Randy B.
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                    Paul_LS Level 4
                    If you have QuickTime Pro you dont need to use Quicktime Alternative... you need to have one or the other. But not the free Quicktime.

                    The AVI files generated are fully compliant with PE.
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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                      The Apple codecs for AVIs are, in fact, the very ones Premiere Elements uses. That's why, to keep Premiere Elements running well, you also need to keep your computer's Quicktime updated.

                      If you don't want to go through the conversion process, this solution may work:

                      1) Download and install the free K-Lite Codec Pack.

                      2) Start a new Premiere Elements project and, for project settings, select the Hard Drive/Flash Drive Camcorder presets. (These settings are designed to work MPEG and VOB files.)

                      That might well make your program VOB compatible. Though you will need to allow lots of time and hard drive space for the program to do an internal conversion of these files as it works.
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                        Psul and Steve, you guys are great, trying to help me straighten out some things. I appreciate it.

                        Paul, I'm sorry though, because I don't understand what your reply meant. QuickTime can't play a DVD - I thought maybe your answer meant that I should be using my QT Pro to convert the VOB files--but that doesn't work.

                        If I try to use the Streamclip app, it says that I Must uninstall QT and use the QT Alternative - and I don't want to do that, as per my last message.

                        Steve, thanks for the new idea. It's not as if I don't want to go through a conversion process, I just want to make sure my finished project looks as good as it can, without any unnecessary degradation of the picture or sound quality.

                        Right now, PE 4 converted the DVD files just fine. I've already done a lot of editing on the clips, so don't want to start over. The only hitch was that I kept getting those error messages saying PE had stopped responding and would be closing down - but those messages weren't true. By ignoring and just closing those error pop-ups, my project was set up fine.

                        SO - despite odd and erroneous error messages, it looks to me like PE 4 did the conversion just fine, was even pretty quick about it. I don't know why I need to go through other programs to get the same result--?

                        Last week I downloaded the K-Lite Codec pack, hoping it would help with another issue - and there was zero change in PE's performance. That was all in an attempt to get some multi-file .mov files to open - that's the format of another project I'm stuck with, and so far Nothing has made those files compatible with PE yet. And that was a bummer, since PE 2 on my old XP machine had absolutely No problem opening those files, while PE 4 on my Vista machine can't handle them - All of this is the subject of an earlier thread I started here.

                        And so on.

                        Randy B.
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                          Paul_LS Level 4
                          Hi Randy, what I was trying to say was that in order to convert MPEG/VOB files to DV-AVI in MPEG_Streamclip you need either Quicktime Alternative or Quictime Pro (which has the MPEG2 encoder, this is what they are referring to) which I believe you already have. The free Quictime download does not have the MPEG2 encoder and so can not be used for converting MPEG/VOB files to DV-AVI.
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                            Thanks for the clarification, Paul

                            --It's a mystery then, because I have QuickTime Pro. But Streamclip isn't finding the MP2 encoder which Pro is supposed to have, as you just confirmed. I checked again - It says I have to buy the encoder at Apple. hmmmm. I don't get it.