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    Missing ADBE GPM Video Transitions in PE v7

      I recently upgraded from PE v4 to PE v7. This was a new installation on a second PC. I then copied my PE v4 projects to the second PC that has PE v7 installed.

      When I open any of my PE v4 projects with PE v7, I received an error message there are missing video transitions. The five missing video transitions are:

      (1) ADBE GPM PageCurlTran
      (2) ADBE GPM PageRollTran
      (3) ADBE GPM SphereTran
      (4) ADBE GPM CenterPeelTran
      (5) ADBE GPM SpiralFlipTrans

      In PE v4, the 5 missing transitions were listed/grouped under the GPU Transitions category. However, in PE v7 I do not see the GPU Transitions category.

      All five video transitions are shown in the PE v7 Plug-in Directory (plug-in\en_US), but for some reason they do not appear to be available in PE v7. The names listed in the plug-in directory are:

      (1) TransationGPUCenterPeel
      (2) TransitionGPUPageCurl
      (3) TransitionGPUPageRoll
      (4) TransitionGPUSphere
      (5) TransitionGPUSpiralFlip

      I use these transitions often in my PE v4 projects. In one case Im trying to complete the project in PE v7, but there are over 40 times I used one of the five missing video transitions that I would have to replace.

      I would like to use the GPM video transitions. Can you tell me why the transitions are listed in the plug-in directory but not available within the application? How can I get these five Adobe GPM video transitions to work in PE v7?