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    PE7 and MPEG2 file problems

      Windows Vista Home
      Dell Inspiron 530 Desktop with Intel Core2 Duo Processor
      3GB of RAM
      NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT- DDR3 Video Card

      Upgraded to PE7 last week and now my MPEG2 files (.mpg) will not work properly. In the scene line when I add my first clip I am able to edit the clip, when I add additional video clips they stack on top of the first one and a symbol showing stacks appears in the upper right corner of the sceneline clip. At this point I can no longer edit my first clip in the sceneline view because it has gone away. If I switch to timeline view then the first clip is in the Video 4 spot, the second clip is in the Video 5 spot. If I add additional clips using the sceneline view it will put them in Video 6, Video 7, etc. In the timeline view I can drag these clips as low as Video 4, but if I try to drag them to 1,2,or 3 they will be thrown to the next Video line above the existing lines. I can bring them all back to Video 4 but now lower. AVI files work with no problem but most everything I have is MPEG2 and my Sony camera's output is MPEG2 so converting everything is no a very good work around. Never had any problems like this using PE3 or PE4. I have deleted PE7 and re installed PE4 and these same files work with no problems. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Why not work in timeline mode? It gives you more control. Sceneline mode is generally considered an elementary and basic clip assembly workspace.

          You should also make sure Vista is updated to at least SP1 and that you have the latest firmware, RealTek drives and Quicktime.

          I also recommend you optimize Vista for video editing performance.

          I also recommend you not capture your video with one program over USB and then edit with Premiere Elements. I also recommend that you convert your MPEG video to DV-AVIs before you bring it into Premiere Elements (since otherwise the program will do it for you, and it won't do it nearly as neatly).
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            Paul_LS Level 4
            Sounds like you have used a DD5.1 AVCHD project preset. The first 3 tracks only support DD 5.1. If you drag a non DD 5.1 clip to the timeline it will be placed on Track 4 or higher.
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              John P. Munsinger
              What program would you recommend to convert from MPEG2 to DV-AVI?
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                Paul_LS Level 4
                See this FAQ:
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                  John P. Munsinger Level 1
                  Thank you Paul (and Steve)
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                    I am also experiencing the same problem with MPEG-2 files. In the Sceneline, all my mpeg fiels get stacked up and I cnnot ungroup the stacks. In the Timeline, I can see all the clips. I like the Sceneline since it is easy to add markers as well as view the overall storyboard.

                    So, if anyone has suggestions on what could be causing this error, please let me know. I have also reloaded PE4 since it was too frustrating not not be able to unstack the scenelines.
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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                      As we've said earlier in this thread, Sceneline is a very primitive workspace. We don't recommend you work in it unless you're doing a very simple, single-track project.

                      Timeline is the more versatile, and professional, workspace with none of the liabilities of Sceneline.
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                        I understand but sometimes it is easy to import the mpeg files into PE7, add markers at each scene change and/or move forward backward using the sceneline. So, I agree that the Timeline is a better way to manage the video but I would like to try to get his issue fixed too since it used to work fine with PE3 and PE4.

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                          Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                          What you can do to stack up clips in sceneline is to hold down the shift key as you drag an asset from the media bin or orgainizer to the playback monitor. When you drop the clip, there will be a pop up menu where you can pick what you want to happen.

                          Then to select a specific track while still in sceneline mode, right-click in the playback monitor and then click "Select..." on the pop-up menu after which you can select the specific track.
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                            Level 1

                            Thanks for your suggestion. I will try your suggestion tonight when I get home and let you know if that works. If this works, I would be very happy.

                            Thanks again

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                              A.T. Romano Level 7
                              I have been following Millerm155's and Karnane's reported issues here and elsewhere.

                              They are getting video from Sony DCR-SR100 which is a 30GB hard drive camcorder. The video format is cited as MPEG2-PS. HOWEVER, this specific camcorder features Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound Capability.This camcorder has a built in 4 channel microphone, but can be converted into the 5.1 channel with an additional microphone. So, I am not sure what their settings are for the sound. Unfortunately I do not have this camcorder, but I did some experimenting with MPEG2 and Premiere Elements 7 tryout. I am still not clear about what project presets were used by the two, but my findings suggest that the issue is related to how Premiere Elements 7 is handling 5.1 channel sound, rather than how it is handling MPEG2. I had no problems with Premiere Elements 7/MPEG2/Stereo (Sceneline or Timeline) when 5.1 channel is not involved in the mix.

                              I am wondering if the "fix" to this is....when recording with this camcorder, record using something other than the 5.1 channel set.

                              If I recall correctly, way back to the days when Premiere Elements 3 arrived with its new Sceneline, there were always problems about Sceneline/Timeline viewing of tracks, in that case "Video Track 1" problem, I think. So, I suspect that the bumping of 5.1 channel audio away from audio track 1 is contributing or causing these issues that would be more easily recognized if the Timeline were the working place.
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                                Level 1

                                Interesting conclusion about the two cases and both using the DCR-SR100 camcorders. Actually, I have not checked my audio settings. I will change the setting over the weekend and try out different settings to see if this is the cause. If so, this could resolve this mysterious issue. Once again, thanks for the tip. I will let you know if changing the audio setting resolves the issue.

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                                  A.T. Romano Level 7
                                  Kishore Karnane

                                  Both Millderm155 and I have called Sony independently and both have gotten the same response that you cannot alter the DCR-SR100 audio from 5.1 channel to something else.

                                  This is not consistent with a review article for the camcorder that says that the DCR-SR100 has a 4 channel microphone which needs an additional optional microphone for it to become 5.1-channel.

                                  Millderm155 has been able to process successfully MPEG2 (without 5.1 channel) with Premiere Elements 7 without this issue at hand.

                                  So, if you can find the way to produce MPEG2 with Stereo instead of 5.1 channel sound, with the DCR-SR100, that would be great. I do not understand why the conflicting audio info. When I asked Sony CS/TS whether there was more than one version of that camcorder, the answer was one version only.
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                                    I too have a DCR-SR100 and am having problems with editing the generated MPEG2 files with the new PE7. I cannot get the timeline clips to go into AV1 track, only higher number tracks, and I can't seem to get any Themes to work (the Next button on the Themes area is constantly greyed out).

                                    Anyways, does someone know of a conversion program to convert that Sony 5.1 MPEG2 to stereo MPEG2?
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                                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                                      If your project settings are not 5.1 audio, the clip will only load to an upper video track, Phil.

                                      To load your clip to track 1, open a new project and use the preset settings for 5.1 audio.
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                                        grisetti steve is correct. I have a Sony SR11 that outputs 5.1 audio. When you create a new project in PE7 you have to not accept the default project configuration but instead change the project to HD with 5.1 audio before hitting OK. I can't seem to change the project type after it has been created. With the correct project type, the Sceneline works correctly. Otherwise the Sceneline mode is actually disabled - clips just stack up in the first slot, all right click menu selections are disabled, and clips are added to the timeline in successive and different video tracks.

                                        Exporting the final video to format H.264 1440x1080 30i also does not work as expected. The high resolution output formats do not appear to output 5.1 audio. The H.264 codec will throw an error just before it finishes complaining that multiplexing failed. You have to go into advanced settings to turn off the multiplexing step, and then use an external utility like tsMuxeR to combine the separate audio and video files that are output. The MPEG 1440x1080 30i codec does appear to work correctly, though the file it produces is large and the audio is converted to stereo. Windows Media Player will play the resulting file, but on my Vista 64-bit machine with video files over 4.8 Gbyte long, Windows Media Player tends to lock up if you try to seek forwards on one of these files.

                                        If other people have worked out good end-to-end workflow solutions using PE7 with these newer camcorders with AVCHD format, it would be great if they would post their strategies on this forum.
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                                          Barb__O Level 4

                                          >To load your clip to track 1, open a new project and use the preset settings for 5.1 audio.

                                          Steve, I think the problem is that there is no version 7 Preset for standard definition MPEG2 and 5.1 audio.

                                          So in version 7, what Preset can a person who has Standard Definition widescreen video with 5.1 audio in a .mpg file use?
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                                            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                                            You're right, Barb. But I was under the impression we were talking about AVCHD files, which indeed do require that you use the AVCHD 5.1 project preset.
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                                              Paul_LS Level 4
                                              PE7 does not support export to 5.1 audio only to stereo. I have the Sony CX7 (actually the CX6, the PAL equivalent) and I am not seeing the issues on exporting to H.264 1440x1080. The audio is exported multiplexed without issue. How long is the project you are trying to export? PE7 does have a few issues with large AVCHD projects.
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                                                Barb__O Level 4

                                                I think there are too many people posting on this thread and as a result the thread ends up discussing 2 different problems.

                                                The original poster and at least one additional poster are dealing with SD MPEG2 with 5.1 audio. A T Romano identified this back in message 11

                                                >They are getting video from Sony DCR-SR100 which is a 30GB hard drive camcorder. The video format is cited as MPEG2-PS. HOWEVER, this specific camcorder features Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound Capability.

                                                I think that other Sony cameras produce this same MPEG2/5.1 audio combination. However, I know specifically about the DCR-SR100 because my son owns it. Therefore, I also keep looking for a good way to process this video on track 1 in Premiere Elements 7 from its .mpg file. It processed OK on track 1 in Premiere Elements 3, so I view this as a regression of function in v7. Note that I am not attempting to output 5.1 audio: stereo output is just fine.

                                                I have never attempted to make my own project preset. Would it be possible to make a project preset for SD Hard Disk MPEG2 widescreen and 5.1 audio that would cause such clips to be placed on Track 1? AVCHD has presets with and without 5.1 audio. So can I create a Hard Disk Widescreen preset that is 5.1 audio? If yes, what would I specify for the parameters of this new preset?
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                                                  Level 1
                                                  Barb - you are correct that the HD/5.1 audio problem is different than the SD/5.1 problem (I didn't realize that these were separate issues when I first posted). 5.1 audio support in PE7 seems rudimentary and limited to HD.

                                                  Paul - The project that I hit the multiplexing problem on is attempting to output a video that is H.264 1440x1080 30i with stereo audio (reduced from 5.1), about 20+ minutes long, output size over 3Gbyte. I'm using Vista 64-bit, quad processor, 6Gbyte RAM, RAID0 + extra disks (this is an engineering workstation). One oddity about the video is that the last clip was taken at 1920x1080 resolution, whereas the earlier clips are at 1440x1080. I'm not sure exactly what is causing the multiplexing problem. I have 2 solutions so far:

                                                  1) Output MPEG 1440x1080 30i instead - this expands the file size to about 4.8 Gbyte.
                                                  2) Disable multiplexing on the Advanced screen for H.264, then use tsMuxeR (as recommended in another thread) to multiplex the resulting .m4v and .a3c files into either .m2ts or .ts container files.

                                                  Playing the resulting .m2ts or .ts files leads to yet more issues. I can't get Windows Media Player, Quicktime, or Real Player to play these reliably - at best the playback is jerky. (Perhaps this is because the monitor I'm currently displaying on is only 1280x1024 ?). To solve the display problem I purchased Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra, which can play back these files perfectly (and it can also playback the original .mts files from the Sony SR11).

                                                  At this point I think I have a workable strategy for using PE7 and my camcorder. It never crossed my mind when I purchased the Sony SR11 Handicam that I would have so much trouble processing the videos from this camera. I now understand the appeal of the Flip video camera line, where you just push a record button and then download to YouTube.
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                                                    I had the same problems. They appear to be resolved by changing the camer's sound setting. I have a Sony HDR SR 12. I went to settings > movie settings > audio mode > and then changed from 5.1 Surrround to 2ch Stero. I am recording in SD not ACVHD.

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                                                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                      Welcome to the forum.


                                                      Especially considering the mic'ing with these cameras, I think that your method is by far the best one. Now, if one is shooting with a full compliment of proper mics, a mixing console and then feeding the output into an XLR connection on a camera, it might be different - if there is a sound crew, that knows what it is doing. Otherwise, 5.1 SS will likely create more problems with sounds that one would actually want to get rid of. DD 5.1 SS is great, but only when done correctly. No consumer camera, that I have ever seen does it correctly, and it's more of a gimmick. A Gimmick that causes more problems, than it solves.


                                                      Thanks for posting,